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Disantrol in bowling at: They encouraged girls to wear sparkling wine in exchange – 11/22/2018

Anta Rios, a controversial contest held in Bowling on par, denies and humiliates social networks. Animator encouraged girls to wear clothes In return for winning a sparkling wine.

This scene, which quickly went viral, came at the end of the weekend on a complex located on the Linear's Street in the harbor area of ​​the suburbs, according to the newspaper Uno de la Ciudad. How do you see images in At least two girls increase the dancing And they show their personal belongings before the eyes of everyone present and inspired by the animator.

"Start peeling, start getting something", The young girls who "compete" for the ridiculous wine. After a few seconds of the dance, a girl was alone in the bar and the driver went further: "I know that you are going to win 1, 2 and 3 and show a title", after which the girl demonstrated her breast

This phenomenon generated all kinds of reactions in the network, although most often rejected bowling action and animator's attitudes, while many expressed surprise that girls are small or not. According to the current act, Alcohol access and access restricted by people under 18 years of age In this kind of establishment

Young women landed in their wardrobe, inspired by the event's animator.

Young women landed in their wardrobe, inspired by the event's animator.

A known introduction to their social networks by the driver of an event named Fakondo, aware of the affected people. He wrote in his Facebook account, "Why do not they start doing more skills for people who upload stuff and write poor children, I think they are too much to talk about without knowing things." .

For now, The prosecutor wrote a letter in this regard And among other irregularities, check videos for determining the age of girls. Moreover, justice does not remove the sanctions for a place like settlement and inappropriateness.

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