Friday , January 15 2021

Do not push the message message more than five times today

The number of times the messages are expected to be forwarded to as often as possible. You will no longer be able to forward the same message to more than five people or groups.

This criterion is part of Facebook's efforts to fight against false information and rumors spread over the platform. In the middle of 2018, the limit already adopted in India, where the Launching Whistler was the eye of hurricanes, will now be implemented globally.

Victoria Grand, Vice President of Politics and Communication, explains that from today onwards they will start limiting five messages worldwide.

In recent months, outside of India, the limit imposed was more: You can proceed to more than 20 groups or contacts, and afterwards messages warn that it is a front message.

At the end of December, the message was already seen in the Massachusetts app, which prevented you from sharing with more than 5 chats, you can do four times to bring this process forward 20 times.

The app will receive an update from this Monday, which will activate the new range. Android users will get first and then IOS users.

Problems spreading rumors and spreading false news through negotiation are not limited to India. In late August 2018, two men were burned alive in Mexico on the basis of false accusations by wildfire-like virus messages.

Similar cases were repeated with seven men in Liechtenstein in Oaxaca. And in other Latin American countries such as Colombia and Ecuador, similar years were recorded.

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