Monday , January 18 2021

Dollar outflow reached the value like an IMF loan

Due to the exchange crisis, Argentina shook Argentina intensively in 2018, that year ended with the highest price of "capital flight". This Central Bank In 2002, this variable started publishing in the foreign exchange market, and the company had a record $ 27.230 million, which is a net amount between the purchase and sale of private sector foreign currency.

This data showed the reliance on the local economy and the negation of Peso's denial that after the start of depreciation early in the beginning of last year, which arose in interest for the dollar, which was originally provided financially. Debt

A total of a total of 96% of the dollar, leaving the local economy International Monetary Fund (IMF) After agreeing to the bailout with the administration, the country (some US $ 28,264 million) in 2018 Mauricio Macri

The fact is that after the start of the non-financial private sector external assets, after the strong depreciation of Peso and the plan to freeze the market, the new monthly maximum reached more than $ 4,600 million. The currency began to decline until November last at least $ 408 million, which reached the level of 862 million last month.

Central Bank emphasized that the trend to save the dollar from July was withdrawn when the dollar for hoarding was found to be weak in November. What happened to this was the same Currency sale When the government signed for the first time in July, the government made the first agreement with the IMF, and since then, they have been growing steadily.
Under the part, "Many companies valued at the first half of the year were getting rid of the exchange market in the second half of the year due to high interest rates, to finance their working capital."

"In the year 2018, there was an increase in the private sector's external assets, as well as the disadvantage of deficit and portfolio status in the current account of the exchange, which was compensated by public sector debt. The IMF, along with Swap's income with China and foreign direct investment (FDI) In very small amounts, "he said.

In December, due to a seasonal problem, demand for dollar rose again, SPNF fell again to foreign currency, which produced a negative balance of $ 555 million.

On the other hand, in 2017, the capital flight reached $ 22,148 million, which increased in 2008, when an outflow of 23,098 million was reported after the outbreak of the International Financial Crisis. In 2016, flight increased by 118% to $ 14,662 million.

"A net delivery of $ 300 million in travel to people related to travel, highlighting the people associated with" travel and other card payments ", which has reported a net outflow of $ 313 million, an equal flow seen in November and showing a 49% rate One year, "adds central bank report on foreign exchange market and exchange balance.

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