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Dollar: Worrying is not a ticket, but increased risk of country – 11/27/2018


Seven weeks and a quiet exchange Hang on to the dollar "floor" Includes floatation bands, but one day Bill Bill pays and goes all the yellow lights of the Argentine economy.

When some of them happened on Monday Retailer Dollar $ 40 SilverAnd the seller closed at $ 39.05, which reached the highest value of the year, which was enough to awaken the sensitivity of the foreign exchange market.

The race lasted slightly and on Tuesday wholesale wholesale volumes, which are the most consistent dollar by volume and operated by professionals, decreased by 1.3% to $ 38.55. Does this episode end?

No one knows but the Minister of Economy, Nicholas Duojouin He proceeded to try to remain calm:"We're very quiet with dollars, it runs very easily".

In reality, the peace of misery is based on the fact that from the central bank, Gido Sandalseries, It was up to date that all the market weight needed to ensure a quiet exchange was ready to remove weight.

It also adds the peace of the Prime Minister to the development of international funding, which will disperse one Newly stretched Loan (7.6 billion US dollars) The mission of the agency in Buenos Aires is counted on Confirms the fulfillment of the goal Keeping in mind the primary financial deficit reduction and the financial constraints of the central bank,

The central reserve has increased by $ 4,952 million, 53.555 million arrived in the US In October, tickets were purchased by private individuals in a month (they received 900 million US dollars) but without commence the process dollarizer.

This Dollar Flight So far this year it has reached $ 255.55 million, the record that operates mostly on exchange rates and shows dollar jumps between April and September, which leads to recession in recent months.

But it was quietly undertaken with the commitment that the amount of money does not increase and the high rate that banks will pay for putting Central Bank Liquidity Letters (Lelik)

Considering the dollar's return on Monday, Lelike started paying 74% annually and today it fell by 61.24%, which was considered "floor" to take into account.

Central Bank has announced its intention to accelerate the decline by the end of the year as a target of 60% annually from January. What will be the route of low road? No one knows and everything suggests that sandals will work "Trial and error" When trying to reduce the penalty, try a very good penalty.

The government believes that with IMF and dollar distribution Wheat and corn exports, Those who will start entering in January, will have the tools to keep the exchange market stable. But the problems of the dollar do not end there.

In recent days, the risk rate in the country is far lower, It went from 600 to 700 points, It makes clear that foreign markets continue with high levels of antitrust about Argentine economic fate.

He is confident that Argentina can pay off its debt after 2020 and it is clear that the country makes a strong support agency, which was acquired by IMF (US $ 57.1 billion). Privileged creditor.

She adds to political doubts that are involved in a question: What will happen if Cristina Canceror Mauricio Macrie is defeated in the October election?

Kirchnerism is clear about the fears that arise in foreign markets and it is no coincidence that in a report published in Politikakolin, the former minister Excel KINISLIFE I talked "Defend Profitability of Companies" And that "Today, re-negotiation with IMF can be done by the strength of the situation".

Kiesloff makes a point in exchange for the skin, while confirming PJ's intensity also increases: "I assume that everyone who says the Perianist is a Peronist" The old jurisdiction added to the formula that served both with "Juliana Elsorgay" of José López Ríga and Maném with "The Hiligene Is Broad".

Uncertainty sources are multiplied by politics and the economy pays most: Argentina's long-term bonds (2046 and 100-year bonds) Annual rental offer of 10%It is very high but has failed to attract international investors.

Financial photographed shows the dollar controlled in the short term on the election year, which produces expectations about political results and its consequences in the context of the capital movement.

The game of the middle Possible low inflation And improvement in economic activity during the first quarter of next year.

Meanwhile, and in the short term, the government hopes that this week will receive international support in the G-20 summit of the world's leading leaders, they will give a little fresh air after a few days of anger and shame. All of us general for acts of violence around Argentina.

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