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Domestic Dollars Against Floor, Bonus for Local IMF and ANSeS – 02/12/2018

Agreed timeline between tomorrow Government and Monetary Fund Therefore, the central bank can lower the benchmark interest rate below 60% each year.

The limit was determined accordingly whether there is a continuous two months Market Expectations Survey (REM), Which arises from the average of advisory estimates, shows annual reduction in inflation forecast. Will it be done?

Consultant Echo Go Who directs Marina del Pogetto Increase in Project Price of 2.9% for last month (October was 5.4%) and 48% for the year and it adds, the highest since 1991.

The same report places a magnifying glass on the potential impact of such high figures on the economy with high-level indexation and, according to official announcements, there are still 50% water tariff and 60% increase in gas For next year

The counter-weighted "ball" counter is weighted Dollar peaceAt the end of Thursday, at the end of Thursday, his title was re-evaluated at a price of $ 37.72, which was down 2% compared to the previous day and 3.5% compared to the rebound on Monday, which generated some concerns in the market. .

It was in the weekly balance Gido Sandalseries, The head of Central has endorsed that its intention is to exchange an exchange market exchange with an intention to be unexpected, and this is a coincidence in the world of business, Prices already include $ 40 dollars Despite the decline in sales last month, it is reluctant to provide those places. And the worst?

An important answer was given Christine Lagarde, Which predicts that the economic condition "It will be difficult in the next three or four months and then it will change."

Holders of a monetary fund meet the economists side-by-side "Optimistic" They believe that in April or May the country comes out of recession. Will it be like this?

That optimistic view, which is of the government, is left to the dollar's entry Wheat, corn and soybean exports And in that, despite the global decline in oil, Waka may give great news about gas exports.

The rest will depend on equality and sandals can reduce the interest rate from February. Of course, for that, and the Minister of Economy confirmed it with stability, Nicholas Duojouin, In the framework of G20 meetings, "Firstly, inflation must go down, then the rate will go down."

But banks in the middle need to closely follow the development of deposits in Peso, which in the last two months They rose 20% And they became compulsive equivalents for the dollar's peace.

The fact that the banks paid to savers has increased the fixed conditions Rates from 45% to 53% And now 61% of the Central Bank receives every year from the central bank to put the peso into liquidity letters. In this context, it is expected that low-speed motion will be very moderate.

Finally, there was Clear signal About how the government plans to copeDebt in intra-public sector Which can decimitate something in terms of market operators, which are conditioned that Argentina can not fulfill the promises of debt from 2020.

The end of the case Bonaire 2018 has an ASSE $ 3500 USD And it was to win. What did the government do? What are commonly done with the general debt debt with the Treasury: They refinance.

Introduced two bonusesEvery year up to $ 2,300 million per annum for 8% annually and $ 1200 million equivalent to 2022, which is updated for inflation.

This issue has become consistent, because according to the latest official figures, the debt between public agencies and therefore, re-negotiating, represents About 32% of the US $ 327,167 million which reached the total public debt in June. Considering a signal in the middle of the cloud of difficult news about economic activity.

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