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During his visit to Tukuman, he accused Nicole Neumann of racism

This model was part of an event and would have called some objectionable phrases there. Crossing between the media and municipality of Taffy del Valle

January 6, 2019

Model Nicole Neumann was involved in a scam Because local media accused her of making racist remarks against Tukuman residents in the context of her visit to that province. Information was rejected by the municipality Taffy del Valle

He said Continental Radio Tucuman's, Newman asked some bodyguards to stop the group of people closely Which he described as abusive tone in "black". During the event of municipality participated by Numan, Tiffin del Vale would have had this event.

According to Continental, "Newman was hired for a lot of money Participate in the launch of the touring season in Tufi del Valle. I did not go to the press conference over time, but later I did this racist and offensive behavior towards holiday makers in Tucuman. "

After this, the municipality went to the crossroads of the "bogus new" spreads (false news). "This model was presented at a set time and provided a note for all the media presentDefined. Despite these deals, Mrs Nicole Neumann agreed to give some personal interviews, "he said in a statement.

Version has promised to provide more information for this week through launch, so this cross promises more chapters.

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