Monday , January 25 2021

Emilion ala's detention was suspended till tomorrow

Guernsey police continued to provide last minute information about the disappearance of the Argentine striker Emilian Salin, who joined Cardiff City on his way to Wales from his new club, on the way to Wales.

14 in Argentina, 17 in the European region, where the aircraft disappeared, it was reported by their Twitter account The discovery was suspended until the early morning, While allowing sunrise to continue with the operation.

Shortly before, and as the conclusion of the first 15 hours of discovery, they suggested: "Many floating objects were found in the water, we can not confirm that any of them is part of a missing plane, we have not received any indication on the board and if they have fallen into the water then there is the possibility of being alive, at this time, Just a few ""Many floating objects were found in the water, but we can not confirm that any of them are part of the missing plane, we have not seen signs of the plane on the board and if they have landed, then there is a possibility of being alive at this time, "

Earlier, they commented: "There are currently two planes, two helicopters and a lifeboat in search of the aircraft, but no traces are found." The situation during the last night's search was challenging, with a rainfall of up to two meters in height. Heavy rain and poor visibility ", Reported by their Twitter account @ Gurnespolis.

And they added: "Today the sea is very quiet, though the visibility was good, now it is spoiling, to see if the British authorities call airfields on the southern shore, we have no confirmation yet.

Minutes before, they suggested: "So far, for five aircraft and two lifeboats, more than 1,000 square miles have been registered, there is no trace of the aircraft, the search is continuing."

The British Meteorological Service reported that the rain fell when the plane disappeared, but was not severe, and the wind was moderate.

Cardiff City signed Sala for 15 million pounds (16.9 million euros) after negotiations with Nantes.

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