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Expectation for Symmetric Landing on Mars – Current Life – Updated Uruguay and World's Latest Updates

Mars Insight Investigation Mars landing is NASA Countdown, which will be on the next Monday. The cost of the investigation was $ 993 million and was the first able to hear earthquakes and study the inner workings of another rocky planet.

About seven months ago, the unmanned spacecraft was launched and 482 million kilometers traveled.

One part of its mission is sending human researchers one day to send information to the red planet, which is expected of NASA in the 20's.

The landing on Mars has been the first since 2012, when NASA's Curiosity Explorer landed on the surface and analyzed rocks for life signs, which may now remain cold and dry in the planet's closest planet.

Insight needs to be protected from the difficult entry in the atmosphere of the red planet: Currently it is traveling at speeds of up to 19,800 kilometers per hour, and once within one hour it should be reduced to just 8 kilometers.

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The entrance, race and landing phase will start on Monday (local time) at 17:47. NASA mentioned this stage as a "six-mile terrorist".

Of the 43 missions launched in Mars, only 18 have reached the red planet, success rates of about 40%, and all of them came from the United States.

Thomas Zürbchen, associate administrator at NASA's Directorate of Science Missions, states that "going to Mars is very difficult."

Unmanned ship

Insight translates into the name "Internal Research" which refers to earthquake investigation, GOD and heat transit.

With full fuel load, Insight weighs about 360 kg, which is the same as the Harley Davidson motorcycle. If you deposit your solar panels, you can measure up to 6 meters.

Its central instrument is earthquake discovery seismometer, created by the French Space Agency (CNES).

CNES chairman Jean-Yves Le Gal said, "This is the only NASA mission that is conceived around a tool made overseas."

Therefore, he added, "It is a fundamental goal for both the United States and France," because they can understand Mars better.

Six earthquake sensors on the board are so sensitive that they declare a small shaking on Mars, such as the obscure cramps of their Phobos lunar, impact of meteorite and potentially volcanic activity evidence.

The ship also has a suicide check that allows excavation at depths of 3 to 5 meters, and will enable the first definite measurement of underground temperatures on Mars and the amount of heat emitted from it. Interior

Landing care

Insight landing will be equipped with parachute, which measures 19,800 kg of human spacecraft speed. Reduces to Its thermal shield protects the vessel from slowing down and friction which will penetrate into the atmosphere of the red planet.

The landing site will be in the flat area named Alicium Planieta, which NASA described as "the largest parking space in Mars".

US Space agency will report in minutes whether landing has succeeded, but to confirm that the human spacecraft is capable of deploying the device without the inconvenience it will have to wait more than five hours.

They will see signs of life on the red planet

Images of NASA from Mars Photo: AFP

The NASA spacecraft, which will begin in 2020, will see an indication of whether there was any living life on Mars by analyzing ancient lake rocks, two geographical features that can preserve the sign of ancient creatures, were reported a few days ago. American Space Agency

The ship landed on a 45-kilometer diameter waste, once the river's home, so it can have preserved signals of organic molecules and microbes, experts explain.

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