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Fear in La Plata: The woman was on vacation when she died by her neighbor

January 7, 2019

Silvia Ricki was 61 years old and she was a housewife. She was all ready to go to Monte Harmoso with her husband, but she ended up with murder.

Sylvia Ricci And her husband had everything ready to go to Monty Hormosas for a few days of vacation, but came back a few times before leaving a real tragedy.

61-year-old woman, who was a housewife, had a conversation with her friend on the steps of her house. SilverWhen he was Attacked by a neighbor and killed with him Knife. 34 years old and the murderer of Peru's nationality has already been arrested.

Matthias Canalini, the eldest son of the victim, was surprised by what happened: "This has ruined us, more than astonished, this man lived in a house near my mom. We never called him as dangerous and nothing is strange. There is no debate or a past problem. Since I moved I had forgotten his face because he There was no family conversation, and it never was. "

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Suitcases were already closed and the car was abandoned for the city of Buenos Aires Monte HarmosoWhen this neighbor appeared with a knife. The woman died for La Plata Six stabs on the face, chest and abdomen.

As he explained, he explained Oil An investigator, murderer with file access "It has psychological problems And not in the position to declare. Related skills are being taken to determine which types of disorders they present and what degree represents. "

"She says that they were communicating peacefully, and this average man who approached the tree, like she leaves some leaves, suddenly she threw it on my mother, the woman felt that she would throw something on her, she understood But he was in a second when he caught her, and at the same time my father came out of the garage. What he says is that he too is against himself The throws, but they are closing the door on his face and came to rest, he went to his home "Detailed matte

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