Monday , May 17 2021

FIFA chairman Jiannie Infinito: "I see aggression in Argentina that I can not understand and it makes me wrong"

Giani Infinito Argentina has no luck with it. FIFA chairman came four times in less than two years and still is not able to see the local football match. At the end of last week, there was a monument to the disappointing end of Libertadores between the river and Boca, which returned to Europe on Sunday and returned to Buenos Aires on Thursday for Thursday. Although passionate in origin in Italy, he still can not understand the tension in the country.

"I see a lot of aggression, people have to be silent"He said during an interview Infobay Before landing on the private airplane to cross the Rio de la Plata, leading to Montevideo, at Downtown Hotel. "And when I see baby images from flames … oh, how can you do that!"

– You define the dismal ending of Libertadores as a "total catastrophe," but many Argentine believe that it was you who ordered yes or yes to play.

– No, no … FIFA's president does not take the decision or pressurize it, because it's a decision of condominium. But, there were FIFA president in the Monument. And I have a little bit of experience in the organization of the competition … I have arranged that I do not know how many Champions in Europe and some European championships (NDR: Infinity was UEFA General Secretary before FIFA). And if I can help, I support and support. I think you always have to play when possible. The first decision to play with information at the moment was the right decision.

– Conbabal's president, Alexandra Domingez, wants to play. Daniel Angelique and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofreyo also. And did you feel better?

– Yes, because it's always good to play. In the stadium, there are 60,000 people across the country and many people from around the world are waiting for the game. And four idols should not be stopped by the four idols.

– They were more than four stupid …

– Yes, four, 40, 400 or 4,000. Idiots, anyway They can not stop everything. If you can play, then we try to play. I think that was the true attitude of all those people. When he was no longer possible, because there were players who were not really good, they have been postponed. And when that's not possible, you need to reduce the calm, quiet, temperature.

How do you see things today?

– I know, a week later, aggressiveness that I can not understand. He makes me a little sick now that I'm back in Argentina. We all are fans, we go to the stadium to support our team, we are all less or less hot and we say things that we will not say in any other situation of life. But with violence, no.

– Do you see a lot of aggression?

– I see very aggression. People have to be silent There are children, girls, we have to set an example. When I see children's images with flares … Oops. When you have children, and I have four, how can you do that! There are no words and this is what I want to say to Argentine. Stop, realize that it's just a game. Very important, yes, whoever wins, he is going to give happiness to the next hundred years, and whoever loses, has to stay with him. But it's a football game, not a war. I told President Macri and Minister Bullrich that we were available. We have experience and it is not just Argentine problem.

– But here's especially serious.

– I've seen Derby in Zurich that had to stop three or four years ago. In Switzerland! The important thing is that here and here the temperature appears to be, see that it is very serious and variable.

Dominguez says Libertadores is Real Soccer and Champions PlayStation Soccer. Do you agree?

He also told me! And I came to watch the actual football and I do not see the game … I do not know that it would not have been better to watch the playstation game in the afternoon. But, when I started singing, before the game, something to say, it was wonderful. It was a wonderful environment … and I did not come from Luxembourg, I've been in many stadiums.

– There are people in the country who believe that Argentina / Uruguay / Paraguay seriously affect the membership of 2030 and give strength to Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

Well, I think it's a little early. The decision of 2030 will be taken in four or five years, something is enough time to make it happen, yes, but to say, "Look at what we've done next!".

– But Argentina's image will diminish with its subscription …

– Certain people's fantasies were definitely talked about, because everyone in this world. But there is still time to change things.

– President McKee is angry because this game is played in Europe?

– He did not tell me that. I think everyone is angry with everyone who wants to play a game in Buenos Aires. It's an extraordinary situation, but I do not have all the elements, Conmball has it. Moving forward and making this game a symbol of change and reincarnation is an important thing.

– How did you see Angelique and D & # 39; onofrio in locked hours in the monument? Did they agree, calm, were away?

– I saw him very sad for what happened, but he was very respected among them. I do not know what happened next, but at that moment I was surprised, I thought one of the two would get angry. They were two gentlemen.

You entered the monument under the insult, screaming and fatigue (infinity nodes) and left. What did you experience?

– Well, while walking, I thought I did not see the PlayStation game … (laughs).

D & # 39; Oneprey does not want to go to Madrid, what does he advise?

I do not advise the President of the river or the president of Boca, but I tell them that parties should always play in court, but always.

Anywhere It's always good. Because if you are not playing, it's a disaster.

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