Monday , January 18 2021

Financial squeeze has been purchased for 80% of dollars in a year

Purchase of dollar bills by non-financial private sector 83.3% fell Between the months of December 2017 and 2018. NetNet acquisition of banknotes They went from $ 2441 million to $ 406 million In 12 months

The result comes after the castle Financial squeeze For the last 3 months of the year, the need for a peso to meet their responsibilities in local currency encourages total ticket sales among private sector players. As happened in the last two months, December is marked one The new historical record of total ticket sales, Which reached You're $ 2130 million. This was adjusted by the offer Buy total Banknotes in the foreign exchange market, the total You are $ 2536 million (Fourth lowest price of 2018).

Demand for Non-Financial Private Sector Notes, which includes mainly individuals and SMEs, arises from the statistical report on the evolution of the exchange market published by the Central Bank. However, the report prepared by the agency refers only to the demand for banknotes of "human persons".

In this context, the report suggests that individuals seek foreign currency for hoarding and traveling overseas and point out that "they bought the net U $ S 800 million (70% reduction In relation to the purchase of US $ 2,700 million in December 2017), the minimum amount was continued after the exchange regulations relaxed in December 2015. "

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BCRA also published that December is one month old High seasonal demand Dollar tickets on a person's part and that this interest is associated with "the associated big fund." Supplemental annual salary And will be used during the purchase of tickets Holidays"

Always mentions Human persons, BCRA reported in the report: "An increase in the net purchases of individual tickets in relation to November, both of them High total purchases (U $ S 1292 million) a Low total sales (US $ 737 million). Gross purchases grew in the second half of the month with the yearly supplemental wage accretion. "

Some in December 2018 570,000 people sold dollars Exchange market This decreased compared to 700,000 people in November, Record of last year's December was almost twice as high, Which reached 315,000 people. "Conversely, quantity People who bought Banknotes increased by about 100,000 subscribers through the exchange market 980,000", BCRA said.

During the last month, most transactions with banknotes created by individuals were concentrated in the lower level of the quantity. 64% of total sales and 69% of total purchases Powered for the amount that was created by individuals Less than $ 10,000. "The total value of the vendors was $ 1298, while the total goods per capita was $ 1323," the report said.

This Accumulated data for 2018 Indicates that the non-financial private sector sold a total of 18.965 million tickets, while the same actors acquired physical dollars for $ 36,983 million. As a result, the result was pure $ 18,019 million dollars worth of buying, Which means 1.47% in advance of the balance of 2017.

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