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Flood: Super-Finale, Compol, Supply, September 11, 2013


He does not want to stop rain.

Yes, just before the hip attack. It is now a Bible Bible book of the earth. However, we are facing the end of the world, as the marketing slogan says, you should play. Then, fans pinched, beat, and moistened passion. From 6am onwards snakes and snakes fall off. They are nothing but the Boca River. But water flows.

What's competing does not play it. Boca will not leave the Intercontinental Hotel. Clever cedes to the river monument. But he does not give up the concentration. La bobbanoa begins to popularize people. They should not be in any way. Will you play this game? It does not play. You can not pump the refrigerator at nearly the same time after square measure. Daniel Angelouji says: "Suspendant." A spokeswoman for Combolin said: "It will play on 16th tomorrow." But the same blue, the golden president. "If time permits …". The first Super Club Cup will be held this Sunday as long as it does not rain again with the same intensity as Saturday. Weather forecast is not encouraging in that sense.

What then? Is playing today or Saturday 17th? "We will meet with the Presidents of the AFA, Concombol, first of all, how do you think, how you are traveling and how to reach there?" After some time, the outlook changes. There is no meeting. At 11am, Compol will communicate its official decision: Play 16 weeks a week. Every day is indicated on Saturday 17th with a major time schedule for Europe.

Today it rains. From that point of view, no one could change a new change or schedule. When Fifa David Zoichrich made a definition of the Copa Libertadores in the United States, the selection from the United States did not coincide with the boxes and boxers of a box.

No adult detail. The Super League also announced the opening of the tournament on Sunday in Buenos Aires. Alice has said that this date will be suspended, but not much. Regardless of a sign or climate, Libertodorus Classic can re-arrange the screen and does not overlap.

In this situation Boca does not want to know anything. Leonardo Poncio Ignacio Skaco could not override the River River, and did not agree that a week would be set aside for a week to hand over his opponent. "We want to play on Sunday or the latest, Tuesday or Wednesday," secretary general Cristian Gribrudo said. In the river they are similar in nature. "We're going to wait for the choices we make, and we have no problem if we play on Sundays," said Udondo, Figori Alcorta. The five bonkers gave boats to facilitate the game and try to absorb it into a container in water. "Would we have paid the material for drainage help if we did not want to play", from Nuns.

Gillermo Beroez Shollett raised guesses when asked about the benefit of Narendra Modi as the captain Ponzios and the Scorco forward for the river. "We're going to get better," the twin said. On Saturday 17th, Golfer was the quarter-finals of the quarter-finals of the first goal against Cruziro.

Later afternoon, Rhodoldo D & # 39; owner and announcer was not nearby this week, and some calls were put in front of the suspension. Did not ask Millen Basser to know if he could play Super Classic in 805. It was a noisy banner supporting a group of fans outside the monument.

Within 24 hours 100 millimeters of water fell! What did you mean in November in Buenos Aires? Today, there will be electricity activities. Playing the Super Final is difficult. Of course, the sun does not shine. Now, not plan or paparazzi.

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