Sunday , August 1 2021

For the holiday in the US, the atpic wheel rises $ 16 cents to $ 37.41

Dollar Bankers and agencies in the Bureau of Bureau Aires rose 16 cents this Thursday to $ 37.41, On average ä, in an uninterrupted day for a holiday in the United States on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

It should be noted that most formalized transactions during this round will be delayed by Friday, while the generalization of activity abroad.

In the informal market, meanwhile, blue arrays in the Downtown Buenos Aires caves, according to this medium survey, blue operas are stable at $ 36.30. "Counted with lecture" yesterday increased 22 cents to $ 36.23.

Yesterday, the retail ticket had its second Advance crown, which was removed from the floor of $ 37 last month (at least $ 36.38 a week before it hit).

In the single and foreign exchange market (MLC), the currency increased by seven and half cents to $ 36,255, maintaining a much fixed floor above $ 36. Volume-powered 20% increased to $ 569. Millions

Experiencing a quiet day in the exchange market, with a little daily stimulus, touched a maximum of $ 36.30 at the beginning of the wheel and touched at least $ 36.23 on the best moments of grain exporters. According to operators, they sold almost $ 50 million.

"It was a flat day, waiting for investors' pays, who did not renew the labels." This Thursday, the market can get liquidity from BCRA, which is able to put itself in exchange, whether they transfer themselves to dollars and / or place in other assets in Peso, the benefit of interest rates is approximately 50%, "ABC Mercado D Fernando Azo of Cambios said.

Lebayck's last tender (they are finished in December and will no longer be offered), at Lebay on Tuesday, $ 39.754 million was awarded 28 days with an annual rate of 50%, so that more than $ 120,000 million in free market.

It is anticipated that most of the liquidity will be caught by the Treasury, which will be held on Wednesday by PES. Pipos (LECAP word) in (LECR) and Pazoos (LCCP)

The second part of surplus weight can go towards dollars, however, due to the departure of "Thursday (USA)," it will be a critical day for the exchange market to operate, "Iso said. It is expected that major changes in current trends The activity will be reduced and there will be a small chance to take notice.

Meanwhile, during that day, the central bank took advantage of a packed exchange to validate the new low rates of the sexual rate for 7 days and thus, 62% of the year's average (61.554% of the cut was 62.118% of the total). The maximum rate was 62.397%, while the amount given was $ 97.934 million compared to the maturity date of $ 74.320 million.

After the last two Dollar increases, the price has now gone up – now – from the floor of the non-interference zone (today $ 35,717), which seemed to come in the first week of November.

The market expects that the reduction in high peso rates will decrease and polling will increase uncertainty, portfolio delinquency will move forward with more force.

On Wednesday, the weak volatility of the currency helped slightly to the international level, keeping in mind the risks more threatened between Monday and Tuesday.

In money market among banks, "money money" was managed at an average of 60%. In the Foors Market of ROFEX, US $ 837 million was trading, of which between 60% in November and December, was accepted at a price of $ 37 and $ 38.44 respectively; And 83.34% and 54.99% TNA rates. Contrary to the spot, futures have dropped only two cents.

In the end, central bank reserves fell by $ 22.3 million to $ 51.832 million on Tuesday.

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