Saturday , January 16 2021

For the saving and tourism, the dollar fell for the fourth straight month

It is registered once Central Bank's Balance Sheet Report: "In November, real-time companies were net foreigners of around $ 900 million in foreign currency, within this group, net historical conditions, the main sector with oils & # 39; oilseeds and grains, was $ 1.1 billion net sales, 34% on an annual basis. Has fallen, which is mainly due to drought, which has affected its main crops in this year's harvest, "the Monetary Authority said.

In the case of non-agricultural real-sector companies, a net $ 200 million net purchase registered last month. "The difference between net purchase of $ 2,250 million in November 2017 is explained by that piece. Break on imports in recent months," the analysis added.

This Human beings who demand foreign currency for basically hoarding and traveling abroad, They earned $ 450 million, which meant that for the fourth month in a row, compared to last month and fourth month. Minimum minimum to simplify foreign exchange rules in December 2015

Technicians explain that "net purchases of net purchases of individuals were seen in decline, which was found in the net demand for the bill for collection, in which the specialty has sold the quantity sold in October compared to the amount seen in October and increased the number of reduced persons." Central Bank of

And BCR Technician adds: "Institutional investors and other people, both residents and non-residents had net purchases of $ 300 million, representing 17% of monthly average net outflow, ending their last transition from the beginning of instability. "

Conversely, Companies increased their general position of changes (PGC) to $ 780 millionDue to the increase in banknotes' holdings, funding was done with withdrawing deposits in BCRA. In the overseas exchange market, they bought $ 130 million from their customers and used their own funds with $ 490 million for primary subscriptions for loan cancellation, securities and interest payments and $ 5,095 million at the end of the month.

Regarding the Futures market, the Monetary Authority has reported: "The volume of the negotiation was $ 17802 million, which was net sales of $ 380 million, and foreign companies net sales of $ 700 million (last 15 months of their buying trend back) and local companies 700 Million dollars were net buyers. "

For the "non-financial private sector" net exchange result in November was a $ 200 million surplusContrary to the one stored in the year, recorded at a net $ 25,300 million entry fee for entries.

This Financial Operators expectations forecast forecasts for foreign currency, For both collection and travel. However, The estimated collection of the economy in public administration, which does not have to be disclosed in public administration, in the private administration A few days after the end of the month, given that there are only 6 business days left.

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