Monday , January 25 2021

"Friend, I'm with you" Paula Chaws showed unity with Geraldine Neumann!

The new complaint shook the entertainment world. On this occasion, the victim was suffering Geraldine NewmanNicole's sister. She condemned a leading character on Argentine television. He expressed that he has been subjected to mental abuse, harassment of labor and misuse of power. Due to the moderating of the case some of the famous procedures were taken and expressed Paula Chaves.

News emerged in a virtual environment. Rodriguez Palacios shared a recipe on their Instagram account, and model husband George Atamandey left a strong message. "Night is coming, you have been cut off for years and women are disliked. I have greeted you with your family, because after this I do not think they respect you, and you will learn to respect your peers. There will be social consequences that will be suited for your misuse and continuous psychological abuse towards women. You already know that one day we will cross and We will see each other in the mouth! ", Said otamendie.

Paula Chaw

On seeing the release, Models took a screenshot and decided to share her husband's post with her Instagram Stories. "My husband sent this message because he knows how bad I was and when some of my colleagues worked in the morning! On Channel 9. I have never said that because I am trying to keep proficient in my career, but mentally Abuse, harassment and abuse of power have to end. I am exposing it so that again no woman again @rrieldraw Will not work with gyazepassalase, the message that was with George's posting.

However, knowing about the serious complaint, the chef was very surprised and just said: "The truth is that I am very surprised because I have never behaved like that." The truth is that the complaint is very strong and the reaction to this has reached a great priority of celebrities, of which one could not avoid showing support to the complainant, Paula.

"Amiga @Jejenumen I'm with you! I'm getting you strong, strong! I know how bad you spent! Time adjusts everything! We're with you", it was a message of support released on the bird's social network. In addition, the followers of Pedro Alfonso's wife gave their opinion and some had sternly persecuted Nicole's sister declaration.

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