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Gallushi Allaf is the first medium company to focus on the shell


Miguel Galucci established a new trend in the Vaca Corps, which makes the first intermediate services company Elf focusing on the shell. They came up with an investment agreement between their oil company Vista and investment fund Riverstone and the Southern Cross. The company wants to provide services to all companies with the development of Necken Basin.

Galicisi was grown in 2017 and today is already an intense activity to extract oil from Vaca MuraTa, while the Riverstone and Southern Cross group are private equity firms with successful track records in the creation of independent companies.

"In this new phase, I take pride in contributing to the development of Waka Mutta, which opens in the Nuwen basin. In 2012, we took the first step with Chevron, Petronas and Dow contract, and in 2018 we stood with Vista, the first independent public company that The country has already invested more than $ 1000 million in the country, today we rely on Alf's creation, which is in the middle of the segment And then marks, "When the former president of the YPF announced the creation of the new company

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"The basin requires better equipment, technology and infrastructure to achieve scale, and for that, 100% of the focus on this segment is fundamental, along with the discovery and treatment of crude oil with independent companies." Exclusive mediating companies played the role of atomic boom in the United States, with the development of shell plays, "he added.

Elf Riverstone joins the portfolio of intermediate companies, which, in exchange for a $ 1604 million joint venture with Southern Cross Group, invested up to $ 78.4%. Vista contributes 21% of the share of 21.6%, in a large part of the intermediate property located in Niuquen Basin, worth $ 45 million.

Riverstone is one of the largest private equity funds to focus on the world's energy sector and is a benchmark for moderator in North America, while Southern Cross Group is one of the largest funds in Latin America, the leading private equity business in Argentina.

During the July of this year, Elf Nuquen will start with basin engine engineering and construction of the infrastructure needed for capture, treatment and migration of shell production which can attract it. Among them, Vista is settled and is an initial agreement with other manufacturers in this field. The management team will be headed by Aluf Chairman Juan Wark and extensive experience in this field, whose CEO Manuel Aguirre has taken the lead.

Alf's creation The United States wants to copy the developed business model in its shell designs, in which the transfer of infrastructure requirements to third parties is allowed to speed up production and crude oil and gas producers are allowed by all oc-satin. Investing from the capital with higher returns.

This investment was introduced to Rao Negro and Nakun province officials. Vista is a Latin American company, listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, with traditional and unconventional properties in Argentina and Mexico, and whose investment focus is on Vaka destination and expects to reach 65,000 barrels of oil production by 2022.

Riverstone is one of the largest global private equity companies focusing on energy, the capital of about $ 39 billion has emerged and its common shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange under the name of the RSE. He has had considerable experience in the mid-stream, especially in North America, he has invested in many companies including Kinder Morgan, Buckya Partners, Magellan Midstream, Lucid Energy, Marriage Midstream II and III, PVR Partners and USA Contractions.

Southern Cross is a private equity company founded in 1998 for high-value investment in Latin American companies. They are one of the private equity leaders in Argentina and invest their fifth fund, who have $ 700 million in promises.

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