Saturday , January 16 2021

Gamer, who donates $ 10 million to Fontainelectric

No local player could win as much Ninja. Who is that? Richard Taylor Bellivins, one of the most skilled players Fortnight Throughout the world, thanks to the survival game, they earned $ 10 million in 2018 alone.

Phonetite was enraged throughout the year 2018 and its developer received a profit of $ 3 billion, which collects more than 200 million users worldwide. "Ninja, who started his gamer career in 2009 by playing Hollow, is now an expert in Epic Games titles.

Announcing CNN, winning 10 million dollars in 2018, 70% is consistent with their live broadcasts. In addition to this, their channels on YouTube and Twitter (a very popular platform in the field of videogames) are very successful with earnings and subscriptions, which means that internet users pay attention to how they play.

According to some versions, its monthly income is approximately 500 thousand dollars, however no one is sure about its surroundings. In addition to streaming games, Ninja participates in international level competitions and is part of various professional teams, including Claude 9 and Team Liquid. Now it plays for luminosity gaming, which is a team, which also has dedicated sections for titles such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike.

But not everything is rosy, because the child's dream is more than a simple video game. Dedication, training, planning, video games are applied, especially considering that in 2018, the 27-year-old gamer, played on the phone for approximately 12 hours a day for phone hours.

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