Friday , March 31 2023

Genetics is the difference between your preference coffee or tea


Tea or coffee? According to a study published by the British, this genetics would be taken into account by genetics.

The AFP said, "This topic has used a very large sample" and "the use of tastes and coffee with intense views", said AFL's fellow researcher Daniel Liang-Dar Hansang of the University of Brisbane. .

Ironically, more and more people drank of copper's bitter taste.

Morley Cornelius, co-author of this study, explains whether Cafe is capable of discovering coffee.

"Genetic deviations play a much more important role in the bitterness than sweetness," said Liang-Dar Hong.

The influence of our behavior is understood. "We can learn to appreciate bitter food even if humans do not like bitter naturally," explains the researcher.

"Tea drinkers have fewer amounts of coffee drinkers than biscuits, and this resource is more attractive to other foodstuffs like vegetables.

Based on genetics of the 438,000 British partners, "other nations and cultures can not be generalized," according to authors.

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