Tuesday , January 19 2021

God of War art director draws super smash characters. Brass Ultimate

Raphael Grassetty Art director Santa Monica Studios And one of the great architects of the look and finish Cratos In the last god of war. Well, Kratos & # 39; and the remaining characters. Just look at your artstation page to check for unreliable work Baldur, Freya, Jormugandar And others, are included Enemies (Dragers, Trolley And Augustus, Valkiria, Etc.).

But in the last few hours graseti gets fame for something, it is because of it Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Army versions. The artist has shared it on its Instagram how it will look and do it Link to, Sam's And FoxThree characters in the game

The future of Santa Monica Studios

Santa Monica Studios There are many projects in hand, but according to recent statements Corey Balrog in Networks (The director, we remember that, from the God of war), still he decides which one will continue later. We all think about it War 2 God, But the team has often shown the preparation of the sequel and has taken advantage of several different and similar ambitious projects.

The only thing is that Corey Baloge will continue in Santa Monica at the moment and Raphael Grossetty has the next Smash Bros character in her head. Bosser, Which will soon be seen on their social networks.

On the other hand, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate He expects us all in relation to his future and his waiting characters. Its first DLC: After Joker's announcement, Platinum Games The next characters who have been encouraged to make a pool about will reach the game.

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