Sunday , January 24 2021

He argued with the neighbor and killed him with six stabs

Meanwhile, the attacker threw a knife on Sidwak and entered the house. According to al-Din's newspaper, the talk was about "Leaves on the Stairway". When the police officers of Fifth Police Station reached this place, a neighbor who saw the crime and the victim, Eduardo Antonio Canalini, informed about the alleged murderer, who was arrested immediately. At the time of the arrest, Eatos had a blood stain on his pants, and according to the police report, "he was in a state of shock."

34 year old is a murderer of La Plata merchant

Juan Jose Eitos is a Peruvian citizen, who, with other countries, rents a house near the victim's house. When they stopped him, his pants had a blood stain and he was in shock.

They went on vacation

According to the neighbors, the couple went on vacation at the time when the life of a woman ended. The victim's husband, apparently, heard her mistress screaming and then realized that something was wrong. She ran to help other neighbors, who was immediately called an ambulance. But when doctors reached the place, they could not do anything. Killers, in principle, did not have violent prejudice, and in this country, neither in their country nor in Argentina there were allegations. The head of UFI N ° 5, lawyer Juan Manucci, interferes in this case.

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