Saturday , January 16 2021

He closed the "Sobramont" album, a Mar Del Plata classic for 47 years

According to their owners, they were justice and they were justice and High cost of services Those who were forced to make decisions. Marplanets and four generations of tourists passed through their dance floor. Building It will be demolished In the next week

Located in the Constituentes between Carbello and Torres de Vera and Aragón, in those other things, after five dance floor, an iconic space of Mark Del Plata night and the last bowling which was lasting, among others, GAP And Chocolate.

It was inaugurated Summer of 1972 There is only one small Spanish-style building, not much of it 400 people. Today he closed his doors 3,500 square meters And ability 4,000 people.

There are two nightclubs, five tracks, theme parks, terraces, bars bars, hot pools, stages and three restaurants with their own impressions, just some of Sobermont's offers, which give many generations the ability to stay together and what everyone I'm looking for Was there

Currently complaints are made by owners and partners through federal justice, which are charged Tax evasion. Apart from this, payments for services became impossible. "$ 160,000 electricity and $ 80,000 water reached", He guaranteed Eduardo Aracil, For one owner, newspaper The capital of Mark del Plata.

Infobay He approached the door of the disk, today in the process of dispersion, and looked at the front of the building Jiména Bafari's, Marlenz Declarator, and the question was inevitable: Have you come to Soberman?.

"I have today 39 years oldMany years ago I did not come to the courts of the Constitution, but when I started moving to Marc del Plata on 18 March, this Avenue was the best thing for us who only danced ", began calculating the advertiser.

"In addition Her card was iconicThey were huge, I collected them, I had hundreds, I have saved them yet, "he hoped to share the photo, talked about the first image that considers the building closed.

"The good thing was that you can be at different places in one place. SobermontI was Coyote It was one of the restaurants where Latin music was played, then you went to the boxes with the Cobblestone floor, which was terrible for tacos, it was a very nice part. Velvet, An acrylic pyramid with experimental music ", it can be counted from his lost sight, as if he had traveled to the disk for the last time in his head.

After hearing news reports, few people commented on Facebook, a ridicule, memories, the day they met their person distributing life, who saw Charlie Garcia swimming in the pool. Critical, who made the best memories with friends.

While taking a last look on Jimmyna, before proceeding on his way and before Avena Constusions' garbage dirt and dusty door, he gave the last sentence and laid out the words for a shared feeling: "It seems that someone's life is ending with these clubs".

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