Saturday , June 19 2021

Here's how – why – wombats monkey cubes

"We've opened huts like christmas."

That word in science news sounds very serious, that is how scientists are watching and wombats. Or at least the fairy wool flower, it's cube shaped.

Yes, Australian gentlemen, with a little hug, literally s ** ts bricks. Look at

It looked at the American Physical Society Division in Fluid Dynamics – at the annual conference in Atlanta.

The team led by Patricia Yang of the Georgian Institute of Technology explained how colleagues from Miles Chan, David Hu and Scott Carver University of Tasmania actually do the vehicles.

"In the made world, cubic structures are created using extrusion or injection molding," but there are some examples of this performance in nature.

They needed some bills to study this. Tasmanian roadblocks only provided two specific models.

And then the Christmas time. To see what actually happened in the Wombats & # 39; digestive tract, the team emptied it and added a long balloon in which the balloon was added.

Fungus is just 8% off from the liquid to a thick square 2 cm long.

According to a study published in the Bulletin of the American Physical Society, the balloon shows that the "intestinal wall of a voltage" is different from "vegetation differences."

"We've found that there is a difference of between 20% and 75% in the corners of the fruit using a long balloon vacuuming the intestine.

"Therefore, the formation of cube increases the presence of fragrance walls."

That finding is not for some real world use of humans, and for real brick forms directly on soft tissues or cuttings.

The real question is why do wombats poo cubes do?

So they are not speculous, not foolish. It makes sense to attract other bumps because everyone can know each of the problems after doing their business.

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