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How does the Boca Agenda continue? 01/21/2016

Boca's Prison was over, which will be its first official commitment this weekend. After the defeat against Unión (0-2) and Edosivi (2-1) against the winner, This Sunday, at 9.30 am, Xinz will face Navel on Superlig's date 16.

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Already in Buenos Aires, after the game in Mar del Plata, Gustavo Alfono's staff will work on Ezza property on Tuesday 16th, Where they will train till the end of the weekend. Then, they will go to Rosario to play against Liprosi.

How does the Boca Agenda continue?

Date 16

Newells – Boca

Day and time: Sunday 27, 9.30 pm

Date 12 (delayed)

San Martin (SJ) – Boca

Day and time: Thursday 31, 21 o'clock.

Date 17

Boca – Goda Cruz

Day and time: Sunday 3/2, 17.10 am

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