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How Internal Parismism is Unmarked by Christina Karkner – 06/29/2019


There is an imbalance in the battle for the power that is fighting. In Peronism, the positions of Alberto Fernandez and Excel Kissilof are the two most important candidates. The indication of discipline from the Patria Institute to the rest of the national penance. The F & F Formula, which represents one area of ​​the group, once again faces the philanthropy of Buenos Aires with the rest of the countries.

The controversy gives Antonio Cafaro-Carlos Manam and Eduardo Duhalled in response to the 1999 response to the candidate in 1999. On one hand, PJ of Buenos Aires and her local partners. Next, the League of Governors, J. Today its junior Wintersi is its informal boss And it is at the top and the different dates of shortlist candidates. This difference is at the core of the recent history and the only way to gain control over it was with the last leader Perolist Carlos Manmay.

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The effects of leadership absence are obvious, but reversal of the telescope is seen in the national panorama of the opposition, which reduces it to a distance, but in reality it is more and the first fruits of the National Paramarity near, which Buenos Aires distances distance from the provinceOn Monday, he was a black man in Cordoba, Miguel Pichato, when he visited Skerrari alone, who was in the first residence of the vice president of the region.

The President got the governor.

The President got the governor.

Key statements originated from what's coming from there: 1) The short list was confirmed; 2) The culprit was told to it Cordoba is the national capital of anti-cancerism: "They do not vote for Cristina here"; 3) Macri is continuing in that district, the number of votes in the second country, the highest image; 4) In the context of Paranizism, all candidates will receive, "If Alberto comes, then I am also receiving it"She? She does not go to Cordoba," she did not call me if she won the governorship ". And health? Well, they are ending their studies.

Sandby and Governors in standby mode

They reviewed the conversation The condition of parisism in Congress, And Wintertal Carlos was away from Caesarea, who was elected head of the Federal Bloc after hours, while he was anti-poker. The idea that Schiaretti is broadcasting while talking about this is that it has made a generation change in the last term, which takes its current lieutenant governor, Martin Lloyarra to the stage, and who will succeed in December, Manuel Callao.

This slippery combat between Cordovan They make the competition for Hermanusutas Serenaas, because the two-haul game is a classic of the district. "Cordobesismo", which is called Jose Manuel de la Sota While talking about "those of Corni, Bochinchera and Lady", the Fécondo Quiroga de Borges was more painful. Wintertte and Jose Manuel de la Sota maintain power with this format, the Caesarea also participated in the Trinidadian Cambia triangles like Tinnelli.

He is the chairman of the local PJA, Take the distance from your governor, But when he was elected head of the new Federal Bank to transfer Piketo, he migrated to that group Marcelo Fuente will not merge with the Kristinista block. It creates the expression of the F & amp; F Formula, but does not reach as much.

Omar Parrotti, who had not proposed for office with his authority as the Governor-elect of Satya Fanaa, and also retained the idea that federal former Piketo and Kristinists should work as interstate. Following the rest of the block, the status of many governors is taken into consideration, who want to stay in the break position, and get rid of the national fight in charge of the only Formula charge till the Patronia Institute's Peronnism. Last Piketo was elected as the Vice President and he came back with more power at all.

He did not like the pre-contestant's pretorian way to create a list across the country, with more loyalty candidates than voting, through a preventive way of defeat. Governors have done all their life, If they suit them, the winners will play, and if they do not conform to the final result coming from the national elections. They have already won their territories. These leaders of the Senate and their representatives have not turned to the prevention of the winter solstice, who have Ends any sign of Cristina's approach. After a few hours after winning the election in Cordoba's governorship, he was angry with the indication that he would visit Mauricio Macrey.

Before going to the Orient, McRae learned about this. His concern was with Piketo, who was in Cordoba, and he found everything. Pichetto is also moving: on Friday, she left her office on the second floor of the Senate in Casierio and left. He was in that space for 17 years in a lifetime. Excited? The black person said: "Emotions are not part of my nature." It will occupy a more modest space on the third floor. Wait for a short time.

Pickezzo takes parasympathetic change from the closet

These Modulations Paralyzed horizon, without controversial and unified drivingThey also damage the ruling party, who injure the unjust news pledges. Such as the novelty Peacetto needed more adrenaline than was imposed, "Man in Black", who entered his career in the cabinet Exercise works almost as a remedy. After Macri introduced them, Mittori heard reports of cabinets after a few hours of opening them as a big white hope, and interrupted applications for memo with questions, cross-exams and data used in the campaign. It had never happened; Prior to every intervention for this reason, the group monitored Markos Pena.

Pecatonists have to open the door, the door for the parrenists, if they want to vote for Pernianism, Sergio lost the chance with the separation of the osmosis and the separation of Roberto Lavagna.

Really Piketo validates and launches pre-existing parasites within the league And she was forced to wear a yellow jacket. This extension of parismism in government conglomerate is an invitation for regulators, which is so far limited to the protection of the game – UTE parties – a serious party like UCR and the personality of Elisa Kiero. And its "Fan Club"

The evidence of this real ignation is provided by the Fergieo-Monzo group fate that on Saturday, on the day of candids release, many were away from the process and they were comforted by the barbecue of the country's chamber of President's house. Deputies You have not seen something like this since 2001, When the nation-run radicalism left Raphael Pascual, who went straight to his home from his high office, from the list and the President of the Chamber.

The cool in the railway museum

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Monzo has already instructed his groups to find a new destination. His motto is "Siamo Furry", and he announced it after Thursday's week, when he left Alone in the governor's office with Maria Eugenia Vidal appointedIn Rotoro's railway museum. Maria Eugenia and Emilio did not do much to bring the situation closer to that meeting. The governor and his team understand that Monzo had his own deputies and legislators as a result of distribution in 2015, while Monzo was Godfather of his candidacy for the governor.

Maria Eugenia Vidal is the second, You have the right to have more MLAs, And they reject Monzo Regional Gravity in the Province of Buenos Aires, in which the constituency is the land of the conflict in which the candidate is difficult to get re-election. Monzo wants to hold some of his team's key points. Maria Eugenia told her that she has reserved a legal charge for Marcelo Dalato. In the fourth voter section? No, in the 8th. First? No, the third. It's not very accessible. Dialogue knockout And the woman stopped her from cruel cold, which is worse than the souls of hated (Notes Dispoli). "This meeting is over."

They wanted to pay for the national deputies of Sebastian García de Luca and Sylvia Loppenato, along with other people's money, but Monza responds that this is not an account of the spell but the account of Macri and when they confirm the embassy, ​​the President agrees with the President. In Spanish it would be re-elected. And they did not give everything at the national level, as Monzo demanded positions for Pro, Pedro Prieto Cordova, which ends the order and also for Nicholas Mesot.

The current President of the National Pro Block in Deputies was on a short list of his success, and to win the ruling party, García de Luca was termed as the interior deputy minister. This place is disputed by Francisco Quintana, National Pro Secretary, who ends the non-eligible legislature bench in the city of Buenos Aires. He is the Vice President of the Buenos Aires Legislature and in December, Hambroto Wisdom is to make all his numbers successful, which leaves the national president of President eight years later, the status that has not been re-chosen.

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