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How to create personalized WhatsApp stickers



If you have an Android phone, you can easily create your own stickers.


A little late – later Telegram And Messenger For some time they did this work- App recently displayed The possibility of sending Stickers In the conversation.

The world's most used instant messaging application gives you plenty of space Stickers, But you thought you'd like to have your own. This is possible for some third-party apps you can find in Google play. (At this time, this feature is only for Android devices).

To explain how you can create your own, we have chosen one of them, easy to use, free and effective Stickers. we will see

How to create stickers for WhatsApp

The sticky maker is the application app app. Download it to your phone and accept the necessary permissions to access your photos. Once you've prepared it, open the app and click on "Create New Label" option. Choose a picture in the gallery you'd like to use "Add Picture" in the options that you've selected.

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We recommend that you clear the background using the Automatic tool.

Erika Garcia / CNEE

This is true when it is time to remove the background using the canvas image Sticker. Select the Eraser option and select if you want it to be done automatically mode (the application will delete the selected zones) or "Manual

We recommend that you choose photos that use automated mode and simple backgrounds so make sure that your results are good.

Once the background is removed, you can add text or emoticon, and provide options in the devices below.

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Once the sticker is created it will start to use immediately.

Erika Garcia / CNEE

When is it Sticker Click on your interests in the "Save" option in the bottom right and you will see that Sticker Saved and the application will ask if you want to use it Sticker In WhatsApp, the sticker can be sent directly to your contacts, received within the "Stickers" section, using the sticker in the apps section.

These apps are only available on Android devices, but we hope they'll get back to IOS soon. Facebook has made comments to know whether applications of this kind of software have control over Apple's operating system, and we will get an answer as soon as we receive an answer. "height =" 109 "width =" 194 "

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