Friday , May 7 2021

How to use your Wallet account in two different devices

So far, the famous instant messenger chat can be used only from one device, its phone number has been given. However, Watts has already announced that the link between the phone number and the user accounts will be cut shortly, in which the QR codes will be used.

Anas, other apps developers have launched Zeppelon, which is a simple application, which is currently only available for Android, which allows you to copy the Whatsapp web session to use a Whopp profile from two different devices.

Now for the app

For now, the Zeppelon app is only available for Android.

To use this app, both devices need to be handy, download it through Google Play and install it on a secondary device. Once this is done, it is necessary to create an account in the application and then it will provide us a QR code, which we will find in the configuration area, and ultimately we will have to scan from the main device.

Source: Mundo Deprivio

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