Wednesday , January 27 2021

"I want to be a part of the history of freedom"

Pablo Press, Which was released in a press conference Independent, Admitted that its departure Boca Juniors President "agreed" with Daniel Angelis And she is very happy with her arrival on the red because she is very "convinced" to wear a shirt. "I want to be a part of the club's history", He stressed.

"The choice was because I loved the club and the challenge. I wanted to come. Two years ago they made an offer so that they could come, I was going to do it but it did not happen for other questions. Today I am in this team and I think the decision was correct. In addition, the 33-year-old midfielder said that we have to work to achieve the coaches and players' objectives.

And he added: "I have to do what I did in Boca. This was a very good job for four years and the reality is, at some point I have to leave. I want to try to achieve it. All four titles and I hope that, when you are independent you can earn a degree. The cycle ends when someone plays badly or when no one is playing. I ended up playing all the matches in Boca. We talked with Danielle (Angelique), we agreed and we agreed. Everything is fine. Today I have to be on this side. "

For the unexpected arrival of the King of Kings, Prize analyzed: "I feel comfortable anyway, I was talking a lot with Holan and he told me many concepts, where he thinks I'll be better, oh, I'll do The one who has decided to step out of my life is not interested in leaders or me. It was given and independently put faith in me and I want to give it only the maximum. I want to do this to try to coordinate in the group and stay on the orders of trainers, so that we can personally accomplish many of the club's accomplishments. "

Asked about its current physical level, the former Argentinean national player commented: "I got a happy team. They are happy and feel that it was two months before the AC.. The boys are very modest. Physically I feel very good. Today I have training because I am doing it another way. But it's a matter of adaptation and nothing else. I think in a week or less, I will be involved in teacher training. I joined a pair of my friends and I felt very good. Redo tomorrow. I think it's good at the end of the weekend, if the technician decides me"

Eventually, a Newborn Old Boys-born person once again declared the importance of moving from Zanez to freedom: "For me it is a very important step to wear a shirt of freedom. I agree with what I did. This proposal, which gives me the most interest, was this and it is an interesting challenge. I am happy to be an AC. This is a big team with history. I like it Take part in this big story which is independent and Ojal can do it. At that time, when the first offer appeared, I would have liked to come. But that did not happen and, after two years, I could find myself here. I'm very happy. "

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