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Icardi not provided … – 11/16/2018


In the seventh game of the national team, Moura was ahead of his first goal. However, Brujula has fallen to second place.

The morro Icardi is waiting to celebrate a goal to wear blue and white, falling out of his pocket. In a friendly against Cordoba Mexico, he broke into the bench and entered the national team along with the national team, but was not given: When she waited with the silver sheet under the carriage, brillilela wrapped his sheep with her own goal.

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Brizuela opposed it

I. Brizuela's (e / c) goal. Argentina 2 – Mexico 0. International Friendly 2018. Video: Tysy Sports.

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The seventh match of the 25-year-old goalkeeper from Rosario was with the national team. Argentina is not able to perform for a week in Italy. In the final creator, Venezuela and Ecuador are in the front. Tuesday will have a new friendship against Mexico. Will it finally serve as MI9?

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ICard has lost it

Ecuadorian 1 – Argentina 3. Date 18. Exclusions Russia 2018. (Source: Public TV)

The preparation of D Maria could not blossom in iCard

Argentina 0 – Venezuela 0. Date 16. Russia Qualification 2018. (Source: TICE Sport 2).

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