Tuesday , January 26 2021

If you install this application, all your Wipe Pop messages will be "hijacked"

But the computer security company warned ESTT that everything has gone wrong.

If you install your application to find out who sees this app your profile picture, all your watermarks will be marked & # 39; hijacked & # 39; Will be done

People in WhatsApp always want to know everything. When your boyfriend wrote to you, your last time was to find out if your best friend was online or what your friends do in their states?

Curiosity adds to those who want to know who your profile picture is. Recently the app became viral Profile Tracker for WhatsApp Who promised to disclose all the information about the contacts opening your photos in a popular chat.

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But the computer security company warned ESTT that everything has gone wrong. When you install that app on your phone, you can infect it with a large amount of advertising and the same virus will hijack your personal data, which includes data on your cell phone as well as your messages, running the risks exposed.

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#Be careful with #App "Profile Tracker" for #WhatsApp, which is used to check who has viewed your profile picture. This application infects your advertising smartphones and hijacks your information, seeks payment for reimbursement, "ESTT explains on its official Facebook account.

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It is believed that the magical malicious application will redirect you to your agenda & # 39; random & # 39; Seeing is to show the random contacts of your agenda.

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