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In his show in Mexico, Louis Miguel was called by thousands of fans

Luis Miguel

It has been a very intense year.
Launched Pandora's Box launch on its first season of NetBox in Bioseri,
To reveal the lesser-known aspects of his career and, above all,
His hard personal life, putting him in the center of the spotlight
And resuming interest in its stainless hit.

There was such an incident
Louise Miguel, category What,
After being tired in the record times, on March 1, Argentine Polo field tickets for its show,
Scheduled for Saturday, March 2, was scheduled to add a new date to Buenos Aires; Also,
The singer will take part in the orphan supermodel in Cordoba on February 26. Undoubtedly, Argentine people are waiting for you with open arms.

There are cases of its followers in different Mexico, whose cities offer Lumími every week's show of their travels – properly titled
Forever Mexico -, which has been done with some ups and downs. The last concert that they found "Al Sol" was more dispersed than other occasions, it was one of the Mexico City National Auditoriums. At the time of the so-called "Mariechi Block", after 45 minutes late, the artist had forgotten the lyrics of his songs and was tired of his band. At that moment, the audience heard the buzz, as if it had thrown the microphone, or, after a while, without reporting its careless appearance, after pulling the zipper of her pants.

The artist was accused by his followers for drinking and forgetting the lyrics of his songs
The artist was accused by his followers for drinking and forgetting the lyrics of his songs Source: Lacation – Credit: Grossby Group

After unfortunate speech, Mexican press contacted Lummy fans and they were lapidaries, according to the program.
Sales One follower says that "he was absent from half of the concert, to help him and to put him in rebirth," and some people told him that the idol was drunk and that he "was sad to see that condition." In addition, other fans noted that the musician has often forgotten the lyrics, which show that "Absence of criteria with audience, discomfort". On the other hand, the listener heard that "I'm expecting much from him", but he is now "he was very disappointed".

In the latest delivery of the Latin Grammys, Luis Miguel's absence was already shouted, while Thalia himself declared him the Best Album of the Year. When the singer reported that his companion was not present to receive the award, the boss was multiplied in the MGM Grand Garden Arena grounds in Las Vegas.

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