Thursday , May 6 2021

In the first place, Ai Robot accuses her fellow astronaut of its meaning

Human beings blame each other, it is a very major trend, because now the robot has convicted people of its meaning.

To help crew members early this year, ISS was sent to free floating robotic faces called Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON). In a newly released video, a robot was accused of being a crew member and was & # 39; going to be nice & # 39; Requested.

CIMON is actually a stuffed 3d printed robot face with an IBM WITNESS artificial intelligence. Robots were to help human crew members with tasks, provide some entertainment and promote their strengths.

Ai robot join astronauts in space

In a video released on Friday by the European Space Agency (ESA), CIMON initially humbly responded to the commands of ISA astronaut Alexander Gervest. Then get involved in a small talk with Robot Gervest. Gervest tells Simon to play his favorite song, but when he asks to cancel his play, the robot works a bit upset and asks to stop it in that sense, and starts drowning in the deck.

Video courtesy: European Space Agency

However, despite the unpredictable behavior, the comments for astronauts are only another type of entertainment. Basketball-sized robot is $ 6 million, although it shows some exceptional tricks and has helped its crew members advantageously.

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