Monday , August 2 2021

Investing to give good results for Great Barrier Reef

The new, ground breaking project improves the quality of flowing water towards the Great Barrier Reef and gives positive results for the health of this global icon.

Delivery is the result of Reef Water Quality Publishing, which is published today by Federal and Queensland governments, underlines the benefits of innovation in innovation and new technologies are coming up on the reef.

Joint investment from Federal and Queensland governments, distributed in partnership with other organizations, allows landlords to improve agricultural practices and reduce pollutant run-off.

In the Burdakeen and Wet Tropics fields, more than 100 sugarcane farmers, managing more than 27,800ha, use 643 tons of fertilizer nitrogen in reverse tender projects in 2017-2018.

The 44 PGIs by Project Pioneer improve the land management system of 788,700ha.
Over 500 of the 170 streets have been operated under the warmth and streambank erasure projects, which reduces the salinity runoff in reef catches.

Through partnerships with Greening Australia and Reef Trust, more than 30 areas of coastal wetland and republican habitat have been re-established and by June 2018 4500 trees have been planted.

The Federal Minister of Environment, Honn Melissa Price, congratulated the landlords for taking action to improve their nutrients and wastewater management.

The minister said, "Our investment allows farmers and other landlords to improve the quality of water reef."

"Reducing the impact of pollen, nutrients and pesticides' run-off effect will increase the resilience because we continue to work to keep it safe from other threats such as rising coastal temperatures and crown kerna starfish.

"The Great Barrier Reef is not just one of our national treasures, it contributes $ 6.4 billion in the national economy and 64,000 jobs.

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