Friday , January 15 2021

It is not ice, it is an ice cracker on the surface of Mars

(CNN) – Although it looks like a beautiful patch of snow on the red planet, the Corollaev Crater will be better suited for ice skating than ice skating. The European Space Agency on Thursday released an image taken by its mission, Mars Express, which shows snow-filled waste.

But the crater does not stabilize only on Martin's winter. Throughout the year, the Corollav Crater is full of about 1,800 meters thick ice.

Coroloid Caterpillar on Mars

The valley is about 80 km It is wide, which is south of the Northern Polar Boundary, which is known as the Olympia Udse in the northern lowlands. The crater floor has a deep base, about 2 kilometers away from the snow, and acts as a cold trap. Ice running on ice causes the snow to cool down and sinks, making cold air levels on ice. This is not allowed to melt the ice.

Crete is known as Soviet Coroliv, chief rocket engineer and space designer designer, father of Soviet Space Technology. Corollave worked on the Sputnik program, the Vostok program that brought the first human in space in space in 1961 and the rocket that was the predecessor of Soyuz.

This image itself is a combination of crater images taken by the high-resolution camera of Mars Express. The European Space Agency's Mars Express Mission commemorates 15 years after its launch in June 2003 and entered the orbit of Mars on December 25 of that year.

Insight is its first tool

The work for NASA's Insight mission never ceases. After landing on Martin's surface on November 26th, the lender is taking pictures and doing surveys around.

And on Wednesday, he put his first equipment on the surface, the seismometer, the first time that the second planet is a seismometer on the surface. Lander's robotic arm reaches approximately 1.6 meters, so the seismometer was placed at the distance against the lender.

Bruce Bendette, chief researcher of Insight, said in a statement: "The deployment of the seismometer is important, like the landing of Insight on Mars." "Seismometer is the most prominent tool in Insight: We need to complete almost three-quarters of its scientific purposes."

NASA Insight Mission established a seismometer on the surface of Mars.

It is known as an SIX for internal structure, or a seminal experiment.

Insight Project Manager Tom Hoffman said in a statement that "Mars activities have become better than expected in calendar of insight." "Putting a safe seamometer on land is a beautiful Christmas gift."

Seismometer will help to understand what is happening beneath the Martin surface by exploring earthquakes and analyzing seismic waves.

In a statement from People's Institute of Physics du Globe and Paris Diderot University, People said to Philip Logone: "Because of the seismometer on the ground, it's going to keep a phone on your ears." "We feel happy that now we are in the best position to hear all the seismic waves on the surface of Mars."

Once the seismometer level will be the new data on Earth once.

Banner said, "When we start getting data from Insight Cesimetometer we are eager to try some bubbly." "I have a bottle ready for the occasion."

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