Friday , January 22 2021

It's a ghost! Look at the mysterious photos of Luciana Salazar and can not even explain it

Digital age has come to make life remarkably easy. And in this context, the internet was undoubtedly a great performance that serves as the framework for creating an unprecedented revolution. Likewise, social networks connect with photographs that they take and reproduce them, which have made live changes to spread live images to register for each moment.

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And without doubt, some of the last few of these things come to mind when you think about what happened Salasar of Lucia. Did it produce a special edition of Cars last week, in which the cover was in attendance Susanna Gimenez, Myth Ligand, Marley, Salasar of Lucia And Flavio Mendoza. The last three people came with their respective children: Mirco, Matilda and Dionisio.

In this release, some images of the event were also seen, which brought together great Argentine shows. One of them, standing with Salasar practitioner of Lucia Alvare Ravva di Chaco, And you can see details that are not ignored by the model: the mysterious hand surrounding its waist.

"I think that @Lulipop is a ghost that pulls him into the @Kakas magazine by the waist because the next man is under his hands … what a fear!", User @sabissinopoly wrote on Twitter

Salazar responded to this assessment and expressed his surprise. "Whose hand is it?" I also saw it., He wrote on Twitter, in which there were many emojis who reflected their fears.

Marcella La Ana Fedadale gave a possible explanation for what could be done: "Someone was erased from the photo and they forgot their hand." And Salazar replied: "No, the unknown thing is that we were only three in the picture and the woman did not confuse me on the left.".

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