Sunday , January 24 2021

It's a strange case of a man who entered his sperm: why did he do it (and why not you do it)

In many corners of the internet, various benefits and uses of semen are discussed after reproduction, but according to doctors in the hospital in Ireland, no such case is reported.

In the January issue of the Medical Journal of Ireland, Dr Adeled and Meth Hospital of Ireland, Dr. Lisa Dunn reported that she complained of severe pain in the back of a 33-year-old patient.

According to the patient, she had been in pain for many weeks, but raised heavy metal content and made it sharp.

While examining him, the doctor noticed that man had to move on the right hand …

18 "doses" of semen

During the appointment, the man declared that he was entering his semen monthly "dose" in the last 18 months.

According to the report, according to a report by Man Don, injecting the semen into the intramuscular and intramuscular as "an innovative method for back pain (back pain)".

According to his story, the patient was given "treatment" without getting any medical advice.

The report states that "Arm" was surrounded by small entrance wounds, where many attempts to inject the fluid from the body were unsuccessful, due to which there was a nuisance of semen in soft tissues. "

While taking an X-ray, the doctors noticed that the patient was irritated by the accumulation of air beneath the skin.

Mice have been affected by the injecting of semen, but not humans, it has been studied.

A unique case

After facing such a strange case, doctors examined whether the same thing has been documented, but nothing was found in it.

Most closely related to them, the effects of injecting semen under the skin of rats and rabbits were known, but not in humans.

According to doctors, attempts to inject substances such as mercury, gasoline, coal or acid are widely documented and they are generally relevant to suicidal acts.

It is an unusual case of a man who started the "intact" blood clot in his bronx that made doctors wonder.

However, the report suggests that "this is the first case of intravascular sperm injection" which describes in medical literature.

For doctors, this case explains the risks of injection by non-educated people, and also explains the risks involved in stopping non-presumed substances for it.

As part of that, the patient's name was not revealed, he is recovering after receiving antimicrobial treatment, although he decided to leave without draining permission.

Her back pain had improved during the time of hospitalization, but she had nothing to do with sperm injections.



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