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It's like being a mother and staying with HIV

Observe that the equation has already been transformed into equation: undetectable = intrinsic. They provided evidence for 20 years, but the evidence of three major studies conducted between 2006 and 2017 is strong: people with untreated viral loads spread viruses in sexual intercourse. "Many people living with HIV have changed their lives; if they have viral suppression, they feel free to live with the virus," UNAIDS (joint United Nations program on HIV / AIDS) Says a document of.

Nahul Porta, A member of the University of Takuimo, University Student and Positive Young People and Teenager (Rajap), argues: "Recognizing unidentified viral load is a great step towards the recognition of our sexual and reproductive rights, one of them is the right to enjoy. Although I = I know enough with HIV and experts, it is a good idea to have a validity and perspective, "he says.

He asserted, "It is widely publicized, we all feel like people, besides HIV," but emphasize, but others have gone missing: It is important that we overcome the disgrace and discrimination Let's And the state should act as a guarantee of the quality of health and quality of life. "

Today, the response to World HIV is 30, some things have changed, especially the chances of treatment. But there is still the disgrace, discrimination and fear.

And if you're also a woman …

According to Nahuatl's claim, to be sure of "for all" – the right to enjoyment and disgrace is not fundamental. But Todos We are not the same: When talking about HIV in women, when not only talking about sexual encounter, maternal and in your hands, about breastfeeding. And at this time, discrimination can become dual serious. "Why are you pregnant again if you are living with HIV?" Lucia (22 years) that doctors told her that when she expects another child who has 20 days today. "Sometimes they do not want to be treated with you because you live with HIV," she adds.

"It's terrible. They treat us somewhere like murderers, just as we intend to air the virus!" Natalia Hag, ICW Argentina's deputy national representative (international community of women with HIV)

And if for years you have been forced to hide your reality (even by lack of support or by command), that dream of maternal power could be a nightmare. "First of all I was infected with my daughter, she was very scared; but I could not breastfeed like this., 17 years ago HIV was discovered in her second pregnancy – and the elderly woman criticized me and how she & # 39; taught me & # 39; Do not pretend. It was terrible, so when someone gave him his shooter syrup, he asked unexplained questions. I wish I got more help. "

But it does not have to be like this, "As a mother, I was lucky that I had lots of information before I became pregnant and to be able to talk to my partners or how our children are, Lion And Alloy I instead consider Natalia, who has long been "visible" and terrorists for the rights of people living with HIV (especially women). It was necessary to support my obstetrician, Silvio, And my transitors, Miguel And Pablo. I was given a vagina without any inconvenience. "

I chose to know

The first and the basically, as a person, is to know whether the serological condition, ie, whether you live with HIV. Saber saves life.

In addition, Natalia describes, the women who live with HIV and want to become mothers need two things: to know all available information and to know that they are not alone. "There is no possibility of transmitting the virus in pregnancy or delivery due to pregnancy control and no diagnosis today, which can be vaginal, with all the benefits that indicate what we mean. We believe that the removal of discrimination is best."

"Technological and development in medicine has developed to prevent vertical transmission of HIV, by the first cesarian department, but today you can propose to deliver the pelvis to mothers," says Obstetrician. Eugenia Longo, Motherhood.


In 2011, WHO documents proposed in the study of 2009 and 2010, according to the conclusion that antiretroviral drugs can reduce the risk of HIV infection by breastfeeding up to 1-2% by 12 months. "During breastfeeding, antiretroviral drugs can be administered mothers or their children, so it is now possible for breastfeeding to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to children, while it is possible to protect them from other important causes of childhood death." The text says.

But reducing risks is not the same as I am. There was an alarm five days ago: It was announced that two cases of HIV infection were detected by women who are breastfeeding on effective antiretroviral treatments. "The basic thing in this issue is to better inform about the risk / benefit ratio. She is not forced to breastfeed, but she can be determined for free," warns Natalia.

If the test was positive and you want to be a mom, you are not alone

Lucia She knew that she lived with HIV with her first advanced pregnancy. After one year and seven months, his second daughter was born. Both in Maternity and Lucia say that it can be the best thing: "There is no bureaucracy for such drugs in social work, but all the teams working with transnational and HIV moms are on the team. Only wonderful," he says. .

Team-account one of its members, Obstetrician Eugenia Longo– When the infected disease became the head of the service, Sara Oulat, Noted discrimination towards patients in the hospital. Eugenia lovingly said, "Put this issue on our shoulders and today we have a special office where mothers only come through my name (without diagnosis or code) infected disease and with infectious disease Alejandra Uruguay We with moms throughout the whole process

For happy pregnancy

Based on Ugonia – for regular controls – HIV adds to the associated people and basic support so that the mother can follow the treatment. The goal of reducing risks is to have an undetectable viral load.

The date of birth must be determined in advance, she explains, because the child needs three hours before seeing a certain amount of aggregate as a prophylaxis. This drip is retained until the cord is cut.

If the cesarean is necessary (or the mother likes it), cut the uterus, do not damage the protecting baby bag, remove the cut edge, so that the bleeding stop; Remove all blood and only break the bag. "It is called the hemostatic cesarean section, and it is a technique developed by Argentine doctor.Mario Pacersi, Who was head of the Toxicinology Service of Durand Hospital in Buenos Aires, in early 1998) "Eugenia says. The goal is that there is no contact with the mother's blood.

For the rest, like any other Cesarean section; The mother can also be with the person who can choose.

What is preventive treatment for a child: Pediatric AZU Syrup that will take it for six weeks.

Thus, the Vertical Transmission Rate of at least children born in maternity leave is equal to zero.

> What is undetectable meaning?
Treatment is not near, but compliance with treatment can keep the virus in check
There is an emphasis on straining the DNA of cells in HIV, concealing themselves and confining the organism. This has hindered the possibility of treatment and vaccines. But when people living with HIV have suggested antiretroviral treatment, they can be found by testing the blood levels of HIV to detect virus RNA. In those cases, there is no risk of HIV infection for their partners. Therefore, undetectable = messy.

> Statistics on women and their children
97% Feel infected by male relationships.
5% Children of mother with HIV are diagnosed with a virus.
90% In Argentina, women of HIV have suffered some types of violence.

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