Tuesday , February 7 2023

Iva de Dominici showed her stomach and left an indicator message that she confirmed her pregnancy?


Eva of Dominici After rumors she was in the middle of her eyes, she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Eduardo CruzActress's brother Penelope Cruz. The actress has not come to confirm or deny the version of pregnancy and to give preference to silence, then doubts have increased.

Also, there are many rumors that he expects his first child with his boyfriend. However, its one last onePhoto manager What to do Divided on their social networks, again they generate suspicions.

Actress shared a message on her Instagram account, a photo in which she saw her stomach rotating with a sports outfit.

But after the emotional message came the most horrific fact She gave a light on living a special day with chick emoji coming out of the shell. This symbol pops comments on social networks. However, the followers too They published the middle belt marked on their stomach, Typical marqueta which is made of pregnant women.

"This 29 is special for me, Happy Saturday", He wrote.

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