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Jennifer Lopez's wonderful transformation for years

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December 2, 2018

Currently, Bronx Diva is 49 years old. However, their own admirers were also surprised to see these images.

For almost 50 years, Jennifer Lopez It is still one of the United States and the world's most celebrated celebrities. His career as a singer and actress has really been wonderful, and he has cut millions of followers in the entertainment and fashion world.

Today, this Bronx's Diva is 49 years old And he maintains his beautiful figure, but without any doubt that the change that took place during this last time was impressive.

It's more than that, though 82 million followers Not only will Jhaoho change his radicalism on the Instagram, however what seems to be different now is what started his artistic career.

The sensual figure of Jennifer Lopez It is not a coincidence, and even though it is very much to go through treatment, she has also said that she gives a strong body like a hard diet and exercises to the Goddess's body. We let you know some of its secrets.

The food is for support and for J.L., includes Diet is based on a large dose of 100% organic food and vegetables. "Diet is based on good balance: high quality protein and rich nutrients rich in nutrients. Nothing industrial!", Released their personal trainer Tracy Anderson

Of course, if you want to follow your diet and you prefer a little drink from time to time, you will be in trouble, because to follow this diet, actresses and singers will never see drinking. Not alcohol.

Breakfast, protein shake and decaffeinated coffee. Vegetables are basically the diet Jenny from the blockTherefore, rich salads of raw vegetables belonging to protein meals are the best option. For dinner, adding lots of different vegetables and protein (meat, fish or chicken), grains or quinns.

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