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Jose Ars's children will live with their maternal family

Rosa Galiano

The struggle to recover his nephew became the inspirational power of Oscar's life. Ten years after his sister's crime became a reality, the request which was fairly unclear. The boys still did not carry their belongings out of the house where they lived their lives. Meanwhile, his grandfathers have already prepared a room that is committed to Rose's crime, since they are specially prepared for them.

Despite the slander and conviction from the last year of the law of deprivation of parental responsibility, Arce never lost her children's caregiver ever. The rule defines "automatic ignorance" of parental responsibility for a person who is found guilty of murder of woman, but the family judge did not raise the request.

But, by the death of Arsena, The boys went to their mother's aunt's house. "They live in my sister's house. Custody has not yet been signed, but we understand that it is a matter of days; now the father is not here and they have to stay with us, so we are waiting for the final guard," said in a dialogue with Oscar. Was there Profile.

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The children of José Arres and Rosanna Galianos grew up by their father and grandmother.

The children of José Arres and Rosanna Galianos grew up by their father and grandmother.

"We met the lawyers and the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Families (Sanaph), who gave us the visitor rule, and explained that children need to be with us. We are a family in that country; Aces has a sister in the United States with whom she There was no relation and she could not stay with her grandmother because she is a person who is punishing, "she explained.

Ars, who suffered a peak of pressure, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday at the hospital's Susanginti de Pilar. Two days later he died. He was 70 years old. "My sister removed the house singers at the end of each week and asked them to tell them that Ars had done wrong. The news fell like a cold bucket, we did not expect it"Said Oscar.

Jose Ars

José dies at age 70 after being hospitalized for peak pressure.

José dies at age 70 after being hospitalized for peak pressure.

The person was covered on Monday Monday, but his children did not participate in the ceremony. "Now a different life begins, but we are compromising because the first time we know what they think about what has happened." His nephews asked him "Arce's ill do not speak", Because he" believes "in his father and has doubts about the case.

"They told me that they would not talk badly to their father, they hurt him, if they did not talk to me more, it was shocking to hear, but everything happened that happened for the first time. Analyzed, for the first time they spoke, they freed themselves, and I think they are not there anymore. "

"Now they can see different things they are going there." Rosa Galian's brother Oscar respects his nephews 13 and 14 years old. According to the justice, on behalf of José Arse, the father of his former partner and heroes, the boys never talked to the children with the mother's family in 2008.

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