Thursday , May 6 2021

Kate Middleton was jealous of Prince William's ex-girlfriend

Prince William's ex-girlfriend is Carlisle Massey-Birch. He joked to the prince, but did not care well for Kate Middleton.

Before marrying in 2011 Kate MiddletonPrince William Like any person, he had some love relations. But the former girlfriend of Yew was jealous of his wife, but in particular the ex-girlfriend was that she excited his wife's jealousy and passed it in an awkward moment.

Cate and Williams began dating when studying at St. Andrews University and during a night around 2002 they were in confrontation with the former prince.

Author Katie Nichols, In his book The Making of Royal Romance, said that the story describes the moment when Cat And William They played the role of "I have never played" at a party in which they were common friends, in which Carlis was Messi-Birch, a former girlfriend. William.

She concludes it Messi It was one of the few people who knew Cat And William They were secretly dating, and when he was playing, he said: "I have never set a date for two people from this place", Knowing that William It was the only one that gave her date and to Kate.

At that moment William She looked at her and started adolescence Carlisle: "I do not believe you said it." How Kate Middleton reacted is clearly unclear, but she probably does not like the game of the former William, Who lived very close to the princess.

Prince William refers to the perceived teaser in his love affair with Kate Middleton

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