Saturday , January 16 2021

Kiss in the bowling alley with Fed Bal, Infronty and actress Julie Bartolom

Los Angeles de la Manana showed images of the actor next to a beautiful young woman, who is passionate about Mar del Plata.

Kiss Fad Baal, in the bowling with actress Julie Bartolome

After its different comment Louvita Fernandez, Fade bal She became one of the most famous graduates of Mar del Plata's summer season, where she extends and directs the magazine. Again together.

Guessing with Fade's relationship and Bianca Evenvity, One of the show's dancers Los Angeles de la Manaña La Feliz's bowling is surprised to show very caramel images of Balani with another woman.

It's about actress and instagramer Julie Bartolome: "They met in Brewery, they were very caramel and wanted to kiss. They always laughed in their ears and laughed, she is very beautiful, which is called Julie Barollom," Maradell's Mite Panonori said.

Then, Angel de Brito Fade and Julie passionately shot images (photos and videos) in the Bollywood street.

Julietta is very popular in social networks, for example on Instagram there are more than 279 thousand followers, and participated in fiction in the last days 100 days to fall in love (Telegraph) and Tell me how it happened (Public Television).

First summer romance … on fire!

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