Wednesday , June 23 2021

LA MATHANZA: Look for a prima facie agent

The naval chief was shot in a car at Buenos Aires town Argentina in Argentina (Pensea) in San Jasto.In La Métonas's party, he arrives to his home and seeks to steal him.

The incident happened on midnight last night in the corridors of Hatipleto Yorian and four-year-olds. George Ariel Boovalak (27)PNA He served in the Coast Guard Association, returning from his brother's home to Gray Chevrolet Astra.

The victim who went for some repairs and later retired from her home had gone there. He then warned him that he had arrived safely. However, when police found an injured in the vehicle, the police were informed about 911.

San Josto was brought to the Central Polyclinic Hospital for burning his right shoulder, but life could not be saved.

Staff of the police station was alert to this fact. 9 mm Bersa Thunder Pro Pisto and a wallet in his document in the cache.

Boawals Cooke tried to defend his gun when he returned home, but the investigators believed that he was shot dead.

According to this theory, the wounded plain closet cash in the hospital inquiry found a few blocks in their home due to the loss of blood.

"The great job I lost is going to come back to my colleague, a lost family of his two children and a husband who lost his wife and his mother," a friend and member of the security community posted on social networks.

The man said, "It was only 27 years since he came back into the crime, and they left their father with one father, and you did not have a moment to stop asking me, why do we live in fear?"

Prosecutor Juan Pablo Thadagian, who is in charge of the Functional Unit of UII Homicide Thematics of Judicial Department, has been investigating the fact.

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