Sunday , January 24 2021

La promesa of a millennium japonés in the history of the rest of the history

El mensaje of a magnate japonés from convictions in a historic history of red social, with a difference from the foresight: the prometi of the life of the deceased,

Yusaku Maezawa, con una fortune estimates por USD 2,000, it's a dentist in the top 20 of the richest in the world, as well as a couple of other players from all over the world.

Celebrando las buenaas su su compañía, The proposition of a proprietary form: Promotional repartition of 100 million yen (un USD 920 mil) in the total of 100 people who have been able to sell their cigarette and replicas to public.

El mensaje no tardó en viralizarse. En 48 horas, or more than 4 million of them are red social.

Así, la publicación de carter Wilkerson, a teenager who has been working with his wife, has been able to spend a lot of time with Wendy's for his child's death, and 18 years in prison, and "solo" alienza 3, 5 million

This is what happened in this lunes, and it is about the same time that it has been sold. "¡Gracias, es una fiesta!", escribió.

(Con información de AFP)

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