Tuesday , February 7 2023

Lago Madame bought the Tussauds Wax Museum and London Eye


Danish Toy will buy Giant Lego's owner Merlin Entertainment, popular for the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the great London Eye, For 5,900 million pounds (EUR 6,575 million, 7,475 million dollars)

Kirkby Family Foundation, the majority shareholder of Lico, announced in a statement on Friday on the London Stock Exchange that it has partnered with US Investment Company Blackstone and Canadian Pension Fund CPPBI for this tech-ball bid accepted by the board. Merlin administration.

Investor Consortium is offering 455 pence for each Merlin share, which means there is a significant premium for securing closure on the London Stock Exchange on 395 pence on Thursday.

In total, buyers will spend $ 4,800 million to buy Merlin shares, valued at £ 5,900 million.

"After the unwanted approach of the investor's group and after rejecting some of their proposals, Merlin's board of directors believe that this offer represents shareholders the opportunity to capitalize on their investment.", Under the leadership of the British Board's board of directors, John Sunderland.

"Merlin is a unique portfolio of brands and attractions spread across 25 countries and four continents and is a global leader in family entertainment, and proven strategy that has worked for many years" He added that the management of the group recommends an offer to its shareholders unanimously.

Merlin is also the owner of Elton Towers in the United Kingdom and the popular theme park of the Chasingington World of Adventures, Garden Park in Italy and the Hyde Park in Germany.

For his part, Kirby Sørener, Søren Thor Sørensen, believes that Lego and Merlin share "their business and their perspective of their culture".

Kirkby knows Merlin very well because it owns nearly 30% of the British group, which in turn has the Legland parks of the United Kingdom.

Merlin was created in 1999 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2013, with a turnover of 1,650 million pounds in 2018, and has organized 67 million visitors in over 100 entertainment parks in 25 countries.

Kirkby has a 75% control stake in the iconic toy Giant Lago near Denmark's billionaire Kiriastiansson family.

Sorensen states, "We are committed to ensuring that Legoland and other Merlin activities reach their full potential, we believe it is better to develop under private ownership so that we can provide fantastic experiences to visitors of all ages around the world."

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