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LG's G7 ThinQ in Argentina: Price, Features & Availability


The FIG LG G7 ThinQ The company also announced the sale of the November end and the beginning of December in Argentina. The company announced the price of the details.

Argentina's subsidiary LGIn the midst of the restructuring given to the local economy, a campaign was launched on social networks LG G7 ThinQ.

LG has a section on the official website of Argentina LG G7 ThinQThis is one of the first to have a dual camera in artificial intelligence, which is the ability to automatically detect the scene to improve the image.

The FIG LG G7 ThinQ The most powerful mobile device in it LG In Argentina, the highest segment of the market.

LG G7 Thinch

LG G7 ThinQ

Designed by blending aluminum, water and dust (IP68) LG G7 ThinQ The 6 "screen with resolution of 3.120 x 1.440 and a special 19.5: 9 aspect ratio.

The display displays the display of an iPhone.

The display has a special feature: It's super bright and goes on the brush of hundreds of knights, making sure it's under any circumstances. LG confirms that your system does not use much energy.

The FIG LG G7 ThinQ It is equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4 GB RAM, 64GB storage operating system as well as Android Oreo.

Battery of LG G7 ThinQ 3,000 mAh suitable for fast recharge.

Smart camera

LG G7 Think Smart Camera

Announced in May LG G7 ThinQ Smart Camera System V30S Think, But now more mega pixixes.

The FIG LG G7 ThinQ It has a dual 16MP camera. The wide angle has an opium with aperture f1.9 and the angle of 107 °. On the second occasion F1.6 and 71 °.

Beyond camera's standards LG G7 ThinQ Ai V30S Think.

What's this? LG has trained over 100 million photos to improve images. Returns 19 capture modes instead of 8 V30S Think. The FIG LG G7 ThinQ Then the parameters can be adjusted depending on that object.

Camera photographer and live photo. To start a second capture before shutting the shutter and after the second ending. This image allows you to find more options in the image.

The front facing camera is 8 MP wide angle, f1.9 and 80 degrees.

Better audio

Audio system LG G7 ThinQ This is a special reference. It includes a boom box speaker that offers more powerful bass, sharp turbulence, and more power.

LG And improved the structure G7: The lower part of the phone acts as a soundboard to increase the sound 10 times faster than competing.

He says LGAn external display is not essential to get a good external power by supporting the devices on a smooth surface, and the vibration will effectively be delivered.

The FIG LG G7 ThinQ DTS Technology: X 3D Surround Sound, the ability to simulate audio surrounds around. This means that even if the user's headphones are not good, the sound will be more clear.

The FIG LG G7 ThinQ Halfphones can be automatically detected, so that the Voice experience will be set up to that accessory without intervention.

Google buttons have been submitted

LG G7 ThinQ Buttons Google

The FIG G7 He came home ThinQ Thanks for two other features: a dedicated button Google Assistant And Google Lens.

Once pressed Google Assistant will appear and works in both ways Google will allow you to concentrate on an object in order to get detailed information.

For example, when you focus on a restaurant you can get an address and contact information; When the camera is positioned in a flower, know what it is; Or learn whether to purchase their music, tickets, or set up a show day post with a poster of a post to access the band videos on YouTube.

The FIG LG G7 ThinQ It was the first cell phone to offer Google Lenses. Morroola intervenes in other teams today, starting to deploy in Google photos gradually.


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