Thursday , May 6 2021

Lionel Messi's anxiety for a photo with model Yell Shelbya

Lionel Messi is in constant touch that exposure is almost as compared to the President. The world's best players often integrate the most important leaders as important leaders. In this case, La Pugala was the leader of a video with Israeli model Yale Shelbya, who raised all kinds of comments on social networks.

Both took part in the evening run by a cell phone brand, in which the footballer and model are visible faces. On the red carpet of the event, Beautiful Yale arrived at Messi and took it for the moment waiting for the eagerly waiting photographers.

Due to the mildness, when Macy was bent about his harsh and shy Partner contacted. Leo took care of her and never touched her. He was always smiling and respecting.

This attracted much attention in social networks, who expressed surprise in Argentine trends. Some agreed with the image of "man of the family", while others talked about "respect for the family".

Photos and more photos between soccer player and model.
Photos and more photos between soccer player and model.

Messi and Russian promoter in the World Cup preview

Macy is not the first time she keeps forms in a photo with a beautiful woman. In the preview of the World Cup in Russia, the promoter asked for a photo.

Fley agreed and had a detailed speech: Ten found Hands from her pocket and she took it.

The journalist told the journalist, "The hand in your pocket, the more confusing, there is no one in love." And that's it. It's not such a thing that a simple image brings problems at home.

The marriage between Lionel Messi and Antonio Roccuja is one of the most loved in Argentina. Their relationship, which was a little fable when both were very small. Young Rosario is his lifelong girlfriend and one of his fame is that he is worth a lot of money contacting crack.

Messi is a family man. This is shown on her Instagram which is full of photos with her children and with her wife. There is no day when you do not see a crack post playing with Thegoo and Mato.

But Messi knows what the public figure is like. And everything around it can be put. Therefore, always take precautions while taking pictures with people. And this was the case with the image of this Russian promoter and Israeli model.

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