Tuesday , May 17 2022

Lithium production in Minera Exar Cauchari Olaroz has started


Minera Express, a project launched in the Senar Kachury-Olaros project, was produced by Lithium carbonate. In the first phase, 25,000 tones annually will be produced.

Redirects the positive direction of mining activity in the province. Employment, community support, nationalism, provincial government, energetic energy and environmental efficiency, solar evaporation.

In a good future, the "Minas Exar" project begins in "Poissy". The project is supported by all the actors' supporters of the thin wells of the strap (up to the first of two companies and 300mts with a depth of 2 m to 1.9 m), the company's president Franco MinCCICCO. He pointed out that this well is like a plant with pre-concentration and drainage of saline water ranging from 18 to 24 months. If saline is prepared, enter the chemical plant to end the lithium carbonate process. "

Governor Gerardo Morales attended the function. National Officer's Secretary, Caroline Sanchez; Mine Secretary, Miguel Solar in the Hydrocarbons Province, Representatives of Localities and Representatives near the Project. The company also had a number of key officials of the investment companies: Lithium Americas, Tom Hodson, CEO and John Conniststas; Ghanfang Lithium, Wang Sechoshchen, Vice President.

Pastor Chicos ordinary governor Gerardo Morales Harmini participated at the Salwa ceremony, "We are following the jujiye business sector and know all the effort we made." The approval last October was allowed for production. Authorized Environmental Impacts Reports said: "The color of the first well is to produce 25,000 tons today, which is a very important project for not only the Jujuy but also for Argentina."

The first open pits contain 56 hectares of diameter and 1.9 m depth. To produce carbonate, more than 22 furrows will generate similar measurements, a little smaller. Overall, 1,000 hectares are subject to this process. The plan is to plan a plan to be developed in January-February. Until March 2020, the chemical plant will produce the first titanium carbonate.

The Kaushari-Olaros Project has a high impact on employment opportunities in the provinces and, as always noted, the position of the land area is also considered. More than 500 people are currently working on this project. In these, XXC directly encounters 200 people directly (including more than 60 offices in San Salvador); There are about 350 salaries employed directly by the company. Another major milestone is about 50% of workers from six surroundings. Pastos Chickes, Olorus Chico, Hwangar, Puesto Sa, Katuva, Susquoise.

From investors
In the name of LJ, Kanellistas said: "Here we represent the nature of what is going on and what's going on in Jujuy: We build a battery for China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and Germany to build a battery that will be used to generate electronic cars to the US, Europe and China." The project has more than 40 years He said that it is a useful life and is aimed to provide solar energy and wind energy sources effectively in the case of Posas. And soon on the production plant. "We invested over 100 million dollars and now intend to invest 100 million dollars and invest 400 million in the next phase.

In the meantime, SQM purchasing part of this project was recently approached ganphen Wang Li, vice president of siyeaseasen explained: Argentina, to invest in our country is a little spooked out of the complex economic situation: "Several years ago we lithium industry, regardless of the fact the economy. I am the president of Mauritius h Riyeateappam the meeting, I would like to inform the company arppanabeadhattekkuricc to invest in Argentina. "

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