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Louisiana Fernandes said how he started and talked about the relationship with Rufina regarding his relationship with Nicholas Cabre – 06/01/2016

In an extensive interview with Intruders (America, 13.30 am) Louvita Fernandez (28) Recognize that if Nicholas Cabre (38) would not stop Sugar, The work produced by Susanna Gimenez (74) and Gustavo Yankelivich (69) Where they both met, love was never born between them.

"If it did not stop, I do not know whether we will be together or notIf we would not have spoken, at one point (which is not in the play now), we are searching for a positive side, "explained dancer, actress and former jury Dancing 2018 The beginning of the relationship with his former partner

Then, Laurita reiterated that she and her current partner worked together There is almost no talk under the stage Even before they met, not to feed the spreading ruffers.

Nicholas Cabre and Laura Fernandez (Instagram)

Nicholas Cabre and Laura Fernandez (Instagram)

"We did not speak because the implicitly There was nothing that was not told anything And we want to talk about Sugar. It happened, "commented ex-girlfriend Federico Bal (29)

And, as he did in the magazine Faces, Reappear His desire to start a family From Nicolas and Show Program's Floor, they asked him what his relationship was Rufina (5), daughter with actress Eugenia China Suarez (26)

"I already knew it When we were doing sugar she came in a number of theaters And I He talked to me more than with him So (the link with Rufina) was a problem solving the reContract, "Fernandez admitted.

Remember that in the interview of the program Gido Kakaka (40), Guido's Tribune (L-trace), Louyita said that Rufi had her dressing room in the theater Lola Membrows, Where it was developed Sugar. And he knows all the songs of musical instruments. "She is a genius!"At that time commented on the dancer.

Rufina, the daughter of the actress and China Suarez. (Instagram)

Rufina, the daughter of the actress and China Suarez. (Instagram)

Also, last week, former jury Dance Mentioned in the note mentioned for the magazine Faces How she and her boyfriend started to love.

"I remember that I did the last thing (no Sugar With Nicholas) With fever, I stopped a little in the toast because I was going to Azáza because I had only a week's rest and I went on a trip. The next day, She cared about how it was and she supported me", Recall the actress.

"We started learning more from the distance. We were talking every day, we had phone conversations for many hours … and when I returned to Buenos Aires, it took a while, and then we saw each other. With the first appointment in my apartment, I wanted to be local! Yes, yes … We can never stop living together", He added in this context.

In addition, Laura said that from the beginning "everything was very comfortable and because of the door inside you could not leave". "That night I fell in love with the boys born in my neighborhood of Matredos, Out of my co-workers, "he said.

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