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Low-cost airlines are fashionable, but they are not always cheap

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Almost twenty of these companies are already operating around the world, the two of them are in Argentina, but what's cheaper is not usually what it looks like. How low-cost airlines work?

There is no need to pay thousands peso or hundreds of dollars for flights to the United States or Asia. At least in Europe, where Low-cost airlines have already broken the market And offer more and longer long-haul flights. However, passengers should not be fully guided by the prices shown on the airline offer.

Around the world There are about 20 "low priced" companies that operate short and long-distance flights, Two of which already work with great success in Argentina: Fly Bondi and Norwegian Air, which landed in 2018. Eurovans, which are associated with German aviation company Lufthansa, Islandland WAH, Norwegian or scoot, are the new low-cost airline Singapore costs, some of them are companies.

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These companies announce that the price of tickets is very attractive, but there are many charges for each additional service. Therefore, passengers should think Additional costs for suitcases, carry-on luggage, boarding service or seat reservation. For this reason, experts always recommend comparing the price of the entire package. Often, flying with regular airline is not more expensive than the financial company.

Airlines Low cost They reduce the comfort of passengers. Generally, these planes have more rows of seats and less space between them. According to German aviation expert Henrik Grossbongd, these measures are with the aggressive policy of reducing employee costs, including the employment of non-contracted pilots and workers from low-paid countries.

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