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Macri's furious Santa Claus said: They did not even have to give me

In particular with El Depp, he starred in the actor, who expressed the Christmas character, who showed his displeasure by taking part in an acting act with Mary.

December 21, 2018

This afternoon it was viralized in social networks Photo of Mauricio Macri and her cabinet with Santa Claus to celebrate Christmas And toast the end of the year. However, the Christmas icon shows an unhappy face during this act.

Actor Of Horatio, Who played at Santa Claus Casa Rosada this afternoon, spoke in a special way The Destape And told the story behind the toast. It expresses the Christmas symbol in the Gallerius Pacifico shopping center. "They saw me there and they offered me the President of the President's toastBut I felt they make me a crap, "he said.

They told him one day at 9 in the morning and told the Protocol and Ceremonial, "He They wanted Santa Claus with a natural beard " And so he agreed to work.

Horacey asserted that she is the actor who makes the character. "There's everything I'll pay for Labouro and my rent, light, gas and my face"He said in relation to his expression of anxiety.

Santa Claus admits: "C.I did not have any contact with McKee but the hand was shocked. "Ilukusu declared:" They did not give me to give me and I gave them a fist"He also said "I wanted to kiss Antonio and he played my face". During the time the law went on, "I was standing there, there was a full cabinet, they took pictures and I was working".

Nay said to him The Destape What to do Macri is talking about things "and I'm angry, because I did not laugh anything" Because "I do not communicate with them, I have not voted". However, "I was good with guys and I played with them" because "it's my job, I'm an actor".

He also said that Casa Rosada called him "Reein Bean" and continued: "I have no complaints, They treated me like Robert De Niro, I had a good time, I made a labyrinth, I ended up and went to Galleria Pacific to play Santa Claus. "

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